"My offbeat vendor listing paid for itself, and I'm building my business with creative clients. The affordable ads with Offbeat Bride have gotten me such fun referrals, I wouldn't go anywhere else." –De Nueva Photography

Businesses often have questions about how things work with our vendor directory. Below are answers to the most comment questions we receive.

We encourage you to take the time to read this page carefully before purchasing a listing — as per our Advertiser Agreement, it's your responsibility to understand what you're purchasing before you make your payment.

Where do vendor listings appear?

Listings appear in our browsable, searchable curated directory at vendors.offbeatbride.com, which is linked at the top of every single page across Offbeat Bride, as well as called out several times on the home page, and after every blog post across the site. Within the guide, your listing appears in the location and category you request.

How much do listings cost?

$460 for the first year, $250 for each year after that.

What's the process for vendor listings, and how long does it take?

  1. You submit your business for consideration at offbeatbride.com/buy/listing
  2. We review your submission, and if you're a good fit, approve it. (Usually this only takes about a day)
  3. Once your submission is approved, you'll get an email with a PayPal payment link.
  4. After payment is received, we email you with a link to our Listing Details form, where you enter all text and photos we need for your listing. (You can take up to a month to do this, but the sooner you take care of it, the sooner we can get your listing up!)
  5. Once your details are received, we get to work getting your listing produced! (Producing your listing can sometimes take us as long as 10 days, but is usually done in less than a week.)
  6. We publishing your listing, and send you an email confirmation!

All told, getting a new vendor listing up generally takes us less than two weeks from start to finish — but sometimes it can be as fast as five days.

How long do vendor listings stay up?

365 days from the date of being published (not the date of purchase). This means that even if it takes you a month after purchase to get your details submitted, you still get the full 365 days you purchased.

Can I log in and update my listing over the year?

No. Due to server security concerns, Offbeat Bride listings are not like eBay or Etsy where you can log in and make ongoing updates to your listings. We understand that some wedding websites do their vendor listings differently, so we want to be really clear: once your Offbeat Bride vendor listing is published, the text is considered locked. We do not allow businesses to log in and edit their own listings. If you're looking for ongoing listing update functionality, a vendor listing on Offbeat Bride is not a good fit for you. We have no plans to add this functionality.

But wait, can my listing be updated at all?

YES! We totally understand that a lot can happen during a year, so we offer updates starting at $50. Please understand that this is an issue of scale for us: since we maintain hundreds of business listings, it's simply not feasible for us to provide updates without a fee.

Who writes Vendor Listing copy?

You do. Think of it as like a personal ad — we give you space to tell brides all about your business, how you cater to nontraditional couples, share examples of your work, and more. There's no limit on how many words you can write, or how much you can share.

What locations do you serve?

We have location pages for United States, Canada, United Kingdom & Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. For vendors in other areas, we have a Destination wedding location page.

How will my location be shown?

For United States and Canadian vendors, each listing includes one state/province location, and one city location. For UK, AUS, and NZ vendors, each listing includes the country location, as well as a city location.

I run an online business — what location should I choose?

We have a "location" called Online Vendors, designed exclusively for internet-based businesses who ship worldwide. Online Vendor listings will show in any location category without regional vendors.

Wait, where do Online Vendors appear?

Listing in the Online Vendor location appear several places. Let's say you're an Online Vendor selling jewelry. Your listing would appear in the following places:

  • In the Jewelry category listing, with all other Jewelry vendors, both online and regional.
  • In rotation on regional pages where there are no local listings, for example Kansas. On these pages, 10 random Online Vendors displayed in rotation.
  • On the Online Vendors "location" page, linked prominently from the navigation and main vendors page, and our second most popular location page!

…This is all to say that Online Vendors get a lot of visibility in our directory!

How do you choose what order to display listings?

Listings are in the same order as blog posts — with the newest at the top. If your listing is a few months old and has slowly been pushed down your category or location page and you want to bump it back up to the top of your category or location, you can purchase a $50 "bump" upgrade. Some vendors also opt to do annual campaigns to remain in the top 3 slots for any given category through the year. If you're interested in doing an annual campaign, email us!

Will I get a badge or button that I can put on my site?

Yep! We'll email you a link to a "Offbeat Bride featured vendor" badge that you can use on your website.

Do listings use a follow link?

No. We respect Google's stance on paid links and note all sponsored links as rel=sponsored, as per Google's most recent best-practices. This ensures that neither our site nor your site get penalized for any perceived SEO rule-breaking. Trust us, you want to make sure Google knows we're being cool about our links. Here's more information from Google about how to avoid perceived linking schemes.


Renewal information

If I renew my listing, can I update the text and photos?

Yep! If you like your existing listing the way it is, you don't have to make any changes when you renew, but your renewal fee does include ONE total update of your listing if you'd like to add new photos or updated text. You can update your listing at any time during the year.

When I renew my listing, does it get bumped back up to the top of my category pages?


How much do renewals cost?


Payments & Policies

Can I make payments monthly?

No. Payment is due up-front for your one year of listing on Offbeat Bride. That said, if you qualify, you can use PayPal's Bill Me Later program.

How do I pay?

We prefer PayPal (which means we accept credit cards and international payments), however if you'd like to send a check, that can be arranged. It will cause a delay in your listing going live while we wait for the check to arrive and clear, but we can do it!

Still have questions?
We're always here to talk over your questions! Email us.

My listing isn't converting to as many sales as I want. Can I get a refund?

Our listings are sold by the duration of publication. We do not guarantee delivery of views or clicks. We'll ensure your listing is published in the category and location of your choice, and that it includes all text and photos submitted, but we are not responsible for how it performs.

Whew, got all that?

Alrighty then, LET'S DO THIS THING!