Submit your Vendor Listing upgrade

We love working with our existing Vendor Guide members to help them add extra oomph to their listings. Select your listing upgrade from the options below. We can generally have your upgrades live within a few days!

Time-based placement

Tweak Listing Update (change photos or copy)
If you just need to make changes to your listing during the year it publishes, we can do that! It also includes a "bump" to the top of listings. Your ad will still expire a year from the date it was first published.
Bump your listing to top of relevant category & regional pages
Our Vendor Guide directory pages show the listings in descending date order, meaning the newest listings appear at the top. If your listing has slowly been pushed down the page by newer listings, this upgrade allows you to "bump" your listing back up to the top of your category and locations. You can do this as many times as you like during the run of your listing!

One-off placement

Additional Location
If you want to reach couples outside your primary location, this Vendor Listing upgrade gets you ~ONE~ of the following additional location options: * One additional city+state location OR * Two additional city locations (within your existing state) OR * Two additional state locations (without cities) We know that understanding how our locations work can be a bit tricky, so feel free to contact us with questions before purchase.
Additional Category
If you would like to be listed in more than one vendor category (for example, you want your listing to appear under both both Accessories and Fashion) you can add additional vendor categories. Each listing can only add a maximum of three categories.
Additional Photos: +12 photos
All our Vendor Guide Listings include 10 photos, but if you'd like to show off even more of your work, you can add extra of photos to your listing's clickable gallery. More photos not only allows you to show a wider variety of your work in your listing, it also has a social media value: more photos increases the likelihood of your listing getting pinned by readers on Pinterest! This upgrade adds 12 images to your existing listing.
Embed video
While your listing can include text links to whatever videos, images, or webpages you'd like, you can also upgrade to include an embedded video to show off your work. This will allow readers to view the video as part of your listing, instead of clicking elsewhere to view it.