It's an email we get all the time: "But what kind of results do people see from Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide listings?"

We think it's best to let our vendor community speak for themselves, and here's one quote from our Testimonials page

Cindy Savage of Aisle Less Traveled

From my vendor listing, I've booked over $20k in sales for 2020 weddings. I have an 80% conversion rate for Offbeat inquiries — 4 out of 5 couples who inquired decided to hire me. Packages booked range from $2300 – $9300, with the average at ~$5400. As of now, ALL of my weddings next year are OBB weddings and I couldn't be more thrilled about it!

How did Cindy do it? Best Practices

Let's look at Cindy's listing and see what's working so well, and what you can learn. At least two of these are best practices that can be applied to ANY listing.

1. She's in an underserved region

Sometimes vendors will say "You don't have many vendors listed in my area, so why would I buy a listing?" Answer: because you get clicks!

Takeaway 1: Take at look at your region in our Vendor Guide. If you're one of the first vendors listed, chances are great that you'll get clicks. 

2. She's inclusive & shows it

She states right off the bat "I'm here for all kinds of couples — no matter your race, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, immigration status, etc." Her listing clearly shows her working with a broad range of clients, not just the usual "young, white, able-boded, straight, cisgender folks" that you see in every magazine.

Takeaway 2: Even though the majority of our readers are cisgender, hetero-identified white couples, the offbeat community is full of folks who want to be good allies, so being inclusive is good marketing for ALL your clients.

3. She relates her biz to Offbeat Bride readers

Cindy shares her personal experiences with the brand: "I'm also a former Offbeat Bride myself! In fact, way before I even got married, when I was in a state of engaged-but-not-able-to-legally-marry in my state, one of the first wedding things I did was pick up the OBB book and read it cover to cover." It's very clear from this list that she is speaking directly to Offbeat Bride readers, relating her personal experience with the brand to the reader's interests and values.

Takeaway 3: It can be tempting to copy & paste standard marketing copy into your vendor listing, but Offbeat Bride readers like to feel special, so it pays to speak directly to them!

4. She tells a story

Cindy is very open about her own personal journey in how she relates to her wedding work, even sharing: "So when my wife and I got divorced last year, I decided to listen the voice that had been nagging me for a while, telling me to get back to the reason I started this in the first place: couples like you, who know that the important thing is the marriage and the rest is details." This vendor listing is vulnerable and personable, and Cindy makes it clear that there's a very real person behind the Aisle Less Traveled name.

Takeaway 4: The best marketing tells a story and gets real. Especially for wedding day service providers, clients are essentially inviting you to be a guest at their wedding — be open and vulnerable about who you are!

Are you ready to try YOUR hand at getting a big return on your investment?

Of course we can't guarantee that every vendor will enjoy the kind of success that Cindy has found… but if you're ready to apply her lessons to YOUR business, we'd love to invite you to join our curated vendor community in the Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide. Listings cost $460 for the first year, and only $250/year after that.

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