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BeauMonde Originals

At BeauMonde Originals, only 2 things matter on your wedding day. 1. you got married 2. you had fun doing it! That’s what’s important so let us worry about capturing all the awesome moments. We are an artistic and experienced Philly-based team that specializes in wedding photography /videography for creative and fun people. We LOVE small weddings, offbeat couples, destination weddings, and pretty outdoors. We fight for social justice and equality for ALL. And take an active stand for what we believe in.

SGW Photography

Heya! I'm Sabrina, your friendly nerdy photographer and owner of SGW Photography. I came into this line of work probably by accident. You see, initially, my goal was to become a media arts animator. I was the geeky artist in school who drew all the time and considered myself an Illustrator. But then, through some fluke of magic, a photograph is seen at my college done by a student just drew me in, and well yeah, the rest is history. So the art nerd turned into a photo nerd, and here I am still at it twenty years later.

Danette Pascarella Photography

For a good chunk of my life I worked as a biologist but eventually the universe lead me down a different path. Photography discovered me, not the other way around. I identified myself more as a photographer than as a scientist and eventually started to photograph weddings to satisfy the creative urgings in my brain. I finally felt like I had a true purpose in this life.

Requiem Images

I am a "fine art wedding photojournalist" — a mouthful, I know — which means I spend the day turning your wedding into a beautiful pictorial documentation that allows you to relive the day over and over again and give friends and family who weren't able to attend a chance to "be there."

Tom Leung Photography

I did not begin my path in Photography until seven years ago, but I always knew I wanted to do it. Ever since I was a kid, I loved to do creative things like sketching and painting. When I became a little older, I would make abstract art in Photoshop just for fun. My dad was creative as well; he did photography as a hobby throughout my childhood. One day, I found some old vintage Nikon cameras with a 50mm and telephoto lens in a closet. Needless to say, I still play around with them today.

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