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Studio 93

After being asked by friends to photograph their wedding many years ago, and then asked by another friend as a consequence, our professional endeavor took shape. Studio 93 is a team of spouses, both with backgrounds in art, who love being part of, and documenting, these vivid and wholehearted events. We never forget them.

Ross Lucksinger Photography

Howdy. I’m Ross (he/him). Every person, every wedding, every story is different. And that’s what the Offbeat community is about, being your true self. Like the folks who love weddings that are unique and personal, my photography is offbeat and different. I love to work with the interplay of light and darkness so we can together create something truly unique for your wedding. A couple of ways I’ve heard my work described is “mystical elegance” and a “dark fairy tale.” I like that. I think it captures the beautiful possibilities in every wedding.

BeauMonde Originals

At BeauMonde Originals, only 2 things matter on your wedding day. 1. you got married 2. you had fun doing it! That’s what’s important so let us worry about capturing all the awesome moments. We are an artistic and experienced Philly-based team that specializes in wedding photography /videography for creative and fun people. We LOVE small weddings, offbeat couples, destination weddings, and pretty outdoors. We fight for social justice and equality for ALL. And take an active stand for what we believe in.

Vivid Instincts Photography

Hi! I'm Ari Leo, owner of Vivid Instincts Photography! As my business name suggests, I'm a photographer who loves and is inspired by bright, vivid colors, and my work is shaped by my strong creative instincts. Inclusivity is one of the most important guiding principles of my business. I believe LOVE IS LOVE & welcome clients of all genders, races, sexualities, and body types.

Allison Williams Photography

Allison Williams is a Chicago-based photographer specializing in documentary and offbeat, quirked-up weddings. The more unique the better! The official stuff: Allison worked as a staff photojournalist for Sun-Times Media before starting her own company in 2010. She continues to photograph news and events and uses the same approach for weddings as she does in her newspaper and magazine work.

SGW Photography

Heya! I'm Sabrina, your friendly nerdy photographer and owner of SGW Photography. I came into this line of work probably by accident. You see, initially, my goal was to become a media arts animator. I was the geeky artist in school who drew all the time and considered myself an Illustrator. But then, through some fluke of magic, a photograph is seen at my college done by a student just drew me in, and well yeah, the rest is history. So the art nerd turned into a photo nerd, and here I am still at it twenty years later.

Bespoke Socials

Bespoke Socials creates heartfelt celebrations with offbeat couples. We serve as a guide and advocate for those who want to color outside the wedding lines, elevating joy with generous support for thoughtful intention. With wedding industry insight, rebellious creativity, and pretty spreadsheets, we create an authentic expression of your unique love story.

Cypress Valley Event Center

Imagine saying “I do” on an incredible ceremony platform suspended between two ancient cypress trees, the creek whispering beneath your feet, and your loved ones gathered in a beautiful outdoor amphitheater to witness the event. Dance the night away under the stars in our beautiful cliff-side reception pavilion, and then retreat to your romantic treehouse to share the perfect beginning to your happily ever after.

Aisle Less Traveled

I’m Cindy, and I’m your queer feminist anti-status quo wedding planner! First and foremost, I want it to be crystal clear that I'm here for all kinds of couples — no matter your race, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, immigration status, etc. and that I'm wholly in favor of giving wedding traditions the finger and doing whatever suits you two best.

Sane Weddings

You know that thing where you and your person decide to get married, and it's the greatest feeling EVER? But then you realize that people are now expecting you to throw a wedding, and you've never even really thought about pulling off a real life walk-down-the-aisle-in-front-of-everyone sort of thing? Yeah, that was me. I got married back when the dinosaurs roamed, and when my now husband proposed I'd never even THOUGHT about a wedding. I wanted to be married, I didn't really care about the wedding itself.

Seeking Venture Photo

Seeking Venture Photo was formed by Heather & Mike after starting our own venture and moving across the country. Besides providing imagery and capturing your day, we help with advice, logistics and everything in between! We have several package options to choose from depending on the location & size of your elopement or small wedding.

Jonas Seaman

Hi Offbeat Brides! My name is Jonas! You can check out some examples of my wedding work below or on my portfolio and blog.

I have been photographing weddings for Offbeat Brides for over a decade now. My mission is to create honest, artistic, and inclusive photography while making a space for you to be yourself and at ease in front of the camera. I want to give you a way to relive all the unexpected, spontaneous, and genuine moments of your day.

French Knot

Welcome to our shop! I am Colleen, the owner of French Knot. Together with my sister, Dorothy, we design and sew some very unique bridal designs. Our goal is to bring high-quality wedding dresses to brides who want something a little different.

Laura Diliberto Photography

I am a Brooklyn-based photographer who specializes in capturing intimate weddings and elopements. How does that translate to my clients? Simply put, it means that my approach is to capture the authentic, real, and unscripted in-between moments that make your day truly special. At my core, I'm a creative documentary photographer who likes to be a "fly on the wall" as your event unfolds, and while my style is very much photojournalistic, I also love adding editorial portraits into the mix.

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