Do you love these things too? Do you want your wedding to be a reflection of your values and the uniqueness of your love? Do you live in the SF Bay Area? Have you been to too many boring weddings?

Gulp – I just got butterflies, cos ME TOO!

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer that won’t assume you’re a bride and groom I GOT YOU.

I treat all my clients as unique individuals. I want to honor your story.

I make images that feel authentic and truly you.

We are FOR the underrepresented couples, the people getting married their own way. WHATEVER THAT LOOKS LIKE. No judgment, no expectations. Just love!

Climbing a mountain? I’m there. Getting married in the backyard? Cool! Jamming at the local community center? Awesome! Wineries, restaurants, forests, parks. Yes, yes, yes and yes!

San Francisco City Hall is a passion of mine too and I shoot a ton there!

Ready to smash the wedding industrial complex? (Or just throw a damn good party?) Come join me! Check out my website.

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"Looking over the pics that our friends and relatives can't stop raving about, I am amazed at how adept you are at capturing emotion in the moment; it really speaks to your capacity for empathy. It's the first thing I noticed when I saw your portfolio a few months ago. that quality, combined with your general aesthetic sensibilities resulted in photos that made us feel like we really won the wedding photographer lottery. We LOVE the photos. Yay!" – Winnie C.

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