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Zimm Productions is full service video production company specializing in wedding and event cinematography. With over 17 years serving our clients needs. You can trust us with your special event.

We want to celebrate art and creativity through each uniquely crafted film! Let people be who they are by creating the best video for them.

Jaime + Jason | Destination Jamiaca Wedding! 7 years in the making:


Christina + Stephanie | Love is Love! Such a happy couple:

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

My name is John Zimmerman, owner of ZIMM productions. I grew up in Key West, Florida and as hometowns go it's as "off-beat" as it gets! Some of the first weddings I ever shot were for brides seeking an off-beat island wedding! It's simply a way of life where I am from

It is through these experiences that my passion for creating art comes alive. At Zimm Productions, we love creating the video narrative for our couples and their families. We go out of out way to tell the story of why our clients are in love! We want people to love and be who they are – then let us film it! Our only goal is to create the wedding video that best fits our clients taste. Love has no limits and we shoot weddings of all shapes, sizes, orientations and beat!

At ZIMM productions we can say that we have seen and shot it all. In the last few years we've done Christian, Atheist, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Chinese, Zoraster/Farci, Kabalist, Hippie, interracial, boat, tattoo, karaoke, and DIY farm weddings. The most important thing is for your day to reflect who you are and what brought you together!

You ask how we cater to the Offbeat Bride? Our answer is simple: because we are offbeat ourselves.

Stephanie said…
"We weren't sure about having a videographer at our wedding, but we're so glad we did!! Watching the video literally brought tears to my eyes, and we were so happy that John was there to record everything! One of the best parts about it was that aside from the one on ones, John wasn't intrusive or demanding, and he just did his thing… Not only was John great to work with, but the way he edited the footage was great and well done… from the music, to the commentary with us and from family/friends, John captured every moment and presented it beautifully. John, we both thank you from the bottom of our heart and appreciate everything you did for us!!"

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