Our team has a background in and a passion for theatre. Our time spent in the world of costume design and creation brings unparalleled vision to our bridal designs. We focus on incorporating your story into the design to create personal and meaningful creations. We love color, eccentricity, individuality, community, and friendship. We value high-quality fabrics, detailed and varied sewing techniques, and excellent care for every offbeat client we meet. You as a human are our first priority and we provide the space and support to help you feel your most confident.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We are all about stories. We create them, listen to them, and retell them. If you want your gown to represent YOU in all of your gloriousness, we can make it happen. Colored bridal gown? Our favorite. Outrageous theme? Bring it on! Limits are the worst!

The Offbeat client is our favorite because you have a strong sense of self and bring a special energy to our creations. We know it’s hard to find wedding garments in the real world that are both unique and elegant (we’ve tried, and it’s frustrating). We created our business to help bring your dreams and your story to life.

We also have a specialty in what we call "ReMended" creations. Bring us a well-loved garment from your family tree, a sentimental tablecloth, or a pre-owned gown from a place like Brides for a Cause, and we will re-design it and incorporate it into the perfect garment for your wedding day.

Excerpt from our "Kitsune" Bride:
"Oftentimes, drawings and ideas can be radical and wonderful, but the execution will somehow fall flat. But this absolutely was not the case with my dress. Every fitting was a wonder when Christina helped me into the dress, and I saw the piece coming together before my eyes to match the precursory idea behind it with verisimilitude. Then the grand finale of the last fitting where I got to see what they all worked so hard for brought me an unbelievable emotion, leaving me speechless."

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