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Will Alderfer Metalarts

W.R. Metalarts is a handmade engagement, wedding ring, and custom jewelry studio with clientele worldwide. We cater to clientele that want a personal and collaborative relationship with their maker, and jewelry with a story that they can feel good about. We begin every project with a free 30-minute design consultation (usually via video conference). Whenever possible, we use recycled and local materials. We cultivate personal relationships with small miners and suppliers to provide a true “mine to finger” experience whenever possible! We specialize in Mokume Gane ("woodgrain metal"), a Japanese technique of bonding precious metals to emulate organic woodgrain. We love to incorporate natural and organic elements into our designs, as well as vintage and period elements!

We love to work with clients to bring unique elements to their commissioned pieces: we have transformed heirloom family jewelry into unique updated pieces, we've made rings informed by the traditional tile art of a client's home region, created rings that mimic a client's favorite food or plant, we've taken stones from family rings and created new wedding jewelry—we love creative projects! It’s a privilege and an honor to make jewelry that people will wear for the rest of their lives—our favorite part of our work is offering something different and personal to people that haven’t found a great fit in traditional jewelry stores!

Our Story
We are Rosie and Will Nevins-Alderfer –partners in life and business. We met in the art studio at Earlham College in 2009. Will was a metals major and Rosie was a photo major — we both double majored in human development and social relations, the perfect combination for future small business owners! Will launched W.R. Metalarts in 2011 and Rosie did the behind-the-scenes design and marketing work for the business for a number of years, but primarily worked in non-profits and legal services.

We were married in 2014 and relied heavily on Offbeat Bride to plan our own wedding! We DIYed everything — the rings (obviously!), Rosie made her own dress and Will’s vest, Rosie’s mom grew all the flowers, we had friends officiate and provide the music and spent hours and hours crafting! We absolutely love talking to Off-Beat Brides (and off-beat wedding clientele of all genders!) about their own unique plans and ideas. Rosie joined the business in June 2018 as the full-time designer and business manager. We are now a full-fledged family business and absolutely love working together to creative beautiful pieces for others.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We love working with off-beat brides, grooms and wedding clientele of all genders. Many of our clients are folks that don’t fit the mold of the traditional wedding market—they come to us to create something that celebrates their unique style and partnership. We are real intentional about steering clear of gendered wedding language when talking about our jewelry and options, we offer lots of options beyond the traditional diamond ring (though we like those too!), and really love to infuse our pieces with the wearer’s individual style and personality. Is your style more traditional and you want a personal relationship with your maker and a beautiful handmade designer ring? That’s great too! Communication and telling your custom jewelry's story is so important to us and we communicate with folks every step of the way about the design and progress of their rings. We will even send progress shots and videos so you can share the story of your jewelry with others!

“Will made our dream rings! He was on time, on price, extremely friendly, and–most importantly–invested in bringing out our vision for the rings rather than steering us to one of a few stock ring designs. Our rings are us in every way! I've recommended him enthusiastically to all who are looking for rings and then some!” – Dave M.

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