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With These Rings is the opportunity for you to make your own wedding bands through guided instruction. By making each other's rings they will become rich with your own love and memories, in a way that store bought rings never can. We will work side by side to ensure that you create a professional quality set of handmade rings.

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I tend to work with couples who are creating their own traditions to make their weddings more personal and the rings are no exception. I believe that forming your own rings yourself adds a deeper level of sentimental value then you can get from picking something out online or in a store. I am also very proud to have a business model where the pricing is transparent so everyone can see what they are paying for and make informed decisions because of it. I love being able to offer an alternative in both the wedding and jewelry industries.

Amazing experience! I was nervous to try this, to even suggest it, because then the pressure would really be on. I am known for being clumsy and not very artistic. But Stephanie was fantastic during the whole process and our rings are even better than I had hoped! They are at least as beautiful as any store bought rings, but they are so much more "us". We will treasure our greatest little works of art every day.

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Half price inside ring engraving for Offbeat Bride readers.

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