We are a team of three sisters: Sarah, Emily, and Julie. Trained by our dad in a hands-on apprenticeship, we've now taken on the business with our husbands: Michael, Jason, and Keith respectively. We design, create, reuse, and innovate together, and the end product is a line of jewelry that is unique in many ways.

Every single piece that you see on our website is crafted by us. Save for the vintage collection, which have been modeled from antique items, every item was hand carved and designed by us. We love taking an old concept and marrying it to a new technique to create a vintagey looking ring, or simply working with the bits of leftover modeling wax to form a jaggedly alternative wedding band.

The gemstones come from the entire world, literally. Our metals are mostly reclaimed- however rather than simply casting with old metal, we refine, assay and re-alloy the metal for durability.

Our specialty would have to be rings, and we're very much into alternative shapes, fits, finishes… from square rings that fit ergonomically, to super wide rings with cutouts showing the skin beneath. We use raw uncut gems, antique gems, repurposed and new diamonds, you name it. Our source for new diamonds is a DTC sightholder and therefore conflict-free. Shipping is worldwide.

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Every story is different. You may have met at a sock hop, doing volunteer work, or in school… but your love and your relationship blossomed from that point into something that only you know every detail. So why would you want a ring that can be bought at any store? Something that looks identical to 15,000 other rings floating around out there? Your wedding ring will signify who you are and what you mean to each other… and it will be around to look at long after the dress is faded and the flowers have crumbled.

What we love to do is simply work with our clients on their level to create a piece representing their story. We discuss favorite pieces they've found on our site or in our Facebook custom photo albums. We talk about colors — so many people now choosing color over diamond for a center gem — exciting! I get to hear stories from brides and grooms about proposals or first dates or things that make their hearts leap. And then we work up a sketch, or a mockup in Photoshop, or sometimes we just pick a gemstone and start to sculpt.

As the piece progresses, the client has the opportunity to reviews photos of the wax model carving. You have a chance to have a few adjustments made before the piece is cast, and we communicate mostly through email (unless you happen to be in the Northern Michigan vicinity or able to travel there). Once the piece is finished, photos are sent again before shipment, and our aftercare is also second to none for sizing, soldering bridal sets together, and maintenance.

For more on our process, please look up lost wax casting methods. This is a time-honored tradition and what we have used for over two decades.

"Cannot express how pleased we are with the wedding rings you constructed for us. From first correspondence to final fitting you have helped make it a painless process. We were very taken with your design, will proudly wear our rings and love the fact that they are unique."
-B. Clark & K. Pelletreau

Examples of my work

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