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WeddingMix by Storymix Media is a fun and affordable alternative to traditional wedding photography and videography. It’s a cool way to turn all the photos and videos of your wedding journey – from engagement to honeymoon — into an amazing, professionally-edited video!

If you're looking for awkwardly staged pictures or a 2-hour snoozer video that costs $3000, then WeddingMix is not for you. If you want an enjoyable way for everyone to capture and share your entire wedding story at prices affordable for any budget, then check out our site to learn more.

Here are the basics:

  • All your guests and loved ones — even the ones who somehow aren’t able to attend — will be able to use the WeddingMix FREE APP to take pictures and videos from the moment you reserve your order.
  • 3 days before your wedding day you get your HD, GoPro or Pro-grade video camera(s) (depending on the package you choose for your wedding day) to pass around and make sure everyone can snap pictures and videos from their perspective. It’s the perfect time to record stories, advice, and intimate family moments before your big day.
  • Get a fun highlight video to share easily on social media. Most packages also include a feature video where you get to direct our editors and pick what is included.
  • All camera packages include an online gallery to share your feature video and every video and photo uploaded by guests. It even includes a digital download of your feature video. Plus we send a wireless sound recorder (key for outdoor weddings) and a selfie stick for late night fun!
  • All the photos and videos taken on Instagram are automatically fed into your project when you get the optional "custom app code". Anything #hashtagged with your WeddingMix app code will be included in your project.
  • We custom-edit your video — included with every package! You get the final edit and all of the raw photo and video files to enjoy forever!
  • With packages starting at $199, what possible reason could you have not to get WeddingMix for your big day?

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

WeddingMix by Storymix Media is all about being an alternative — and a great addition — to traditional photography and videography. You will be able to get the exact wedding video and pictures featuring the things that matter the most to you. Our editors make your video based on one of 13 editing styles you choose. You also have the option to let us create a custom theme to match anything you desire. Our goal is to make sure every couple has a beautiful way to relive the biggest day of their lives for years to come. So what better wedding video solution can you think of for Offbeat couples?

How it works:

"Having Wedding Mix is also perfect for all of the moments and events that occur besides the big day. I uploaded pictures and videos from the bachelorette party, my bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner, and pictures of girls getting ready the morning of the wedding before the photographer arrived. Plus, I had loads of fun interviewing guests at the rehearsal dinner and the reception. I liked the idea of intimate videos – I recorded a message for my hubby the morning of, and he recorded a video for me. My sister also recorded a surprise clip the morning of the wedding, and it brought me to tears! These are moments that you will not likely get by hiring a traditional videographer." – WeddingMix Bride Amanda

"So many of our guests used the free WeddingMix app – the way it linked up with our #hashtag was awesome! All their photos and videos let us see a little bit of every part of the wedding. Our final video is full of moments we'll enjoy forever!" – Eileen and Eric

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Examples of my work

We've been fortunate to work with a lot of couples who found us on Offbeat Bride after seeing us on the blog.

Zoos, fields, beaches…our Offbeat Bride couples have spanned the spectrum of alternative weddings!

Incredibly Unique Wedding in Boulder | Katie and Bryan from WeddingMix on Vimeo.

Fun Wedding In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | Alicea and Arvin from WeddingMix on Vimeo.

Super Fun Wedding In Coastal California from WeddingMix on Vimeo.


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