Hundreds of Offbeat Brides have used Vistaprint to design and print their save the dates, invitations, programs, wedding signs, and other paper stuffs. Why? Because Vistaprint is TOTALLY AFFORDABLE.

Vistaprint offers both custom printing services (ie, you upload a design for them to print) as well as actually-cute templated design options for quick 'n' dirty uber-cheap invites … that actually are pretty dang styley, including totally non-froofy stuff in darker colors and clean, modern themes. As one reader noted, "They even have a couple of cute same sex invites!"

They offer a million different designs and promotions — see a few below!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

If you're the type who wants 100% one-of-a-kind invitations, Vistaprint totally does custom invitations crazy cheap. Upload your stuff, and you're good to go.

If you're the type who wants to go easy with super affordable point-in-click invitations (no design experience needed!), Vistaprint's got you covered there, too.

They totally do other custom wedding swag too, like magnet favors, totebags for your bridesmaids, and more!

Vistaprint has TONS of discounts and specials:

Try Before You Buy: 10 Custom Invites for $5 + Free Economy Shipping for a limited time at Vistaprint! Try any size, paper, or upgrade. Enter promo code 10SAMPLES at checkout.

Examples of my work

Here are a just a couple examples of the many awesome things Offbeat Brides have done with Vistaprint:


"We came up with the idea and designed the cards and post-it notes ourselves. My fiance hand wrote (and doodled) the post-it. The cards and post-its were sent out for printing (VistaPrint) and then we put it all together. We also hand-stamped the return addresses (stamp from VistaPrint) and the logo (custom rubber stamp) on the front of the envelope. And, as you can see, we even had some help from our dog, Penny."

"Here's the back of our invitations with our return address stamp (free from Vistaprint!) and our stickers which we had printed at Vistaprint, too!"

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