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Let’s start with Beatnik jazz and sexy vocalists like Peggy Lee, Babs, and Lady Day. Next comes '60s pop (think "These Boots are Made for Walking") segueing into Soul Train funk. No one comes close to James Brown or Harold Melvin with the Blue Notes! Add some of the MTV hits everyone loved (remember the Material Girl?), throw in some real Jersey clubster disco, add a little '80s synth and hair jams (Bon Jovi NEVER had better hair than you!) and finish with a carefully curated selection of some modern faves that definitely will NOT annoy you. Hey, it’s your wedding, do anything your beautiful heart desires.

All mixed on retro vinyl.

Call me, we’ll have fun. – Rob

Oh …almost forgot. Great visuals available.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I get you. Not sure why…probably because I listen.

I play what you want. What you dance to in your underwear alone. What you turn up while driving. What music halts you in your tracks… I gotta hear that again! The night with your best girlfriend in that bar that you danced all by yourself …because you had to. I understand.


Its OK. I'm the same way.

Examples of my work

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