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First of all — congratulations! Oh, man. I imagine you're reading this because things must be going pretty darn well for your and yours, so let's start this off right — kudos, Godspeed, and may the wind be at your backs.

My name is Mike and I am a guy that gets to hang out with folks on the Biggest Day of Their Lives — and, of course, I'm responsible for the careful preservation of the vast emotional tapestry of said day's events. I've been a professional photographer for over a decade. It's rad and I love it.

My best work in the "photo-journalistic style" (a fancy way to say 'candids'), which I like to shoot after I've woven into the social fabric of the day — but I also know how to pose people and I know how to get a genuine reaction in an otherwise 'forced' moment. What works best for the couple? What works best for the moment? Flow with the go, baby. In my videography work I excel with the cinematic 'highlight video.' No matter what we go for or how we go about it, we are a team with a mutual goal of emotionally transparent images and a seriously good time getting them. If you're having fun, that will translate into the photos.

Rather than strict wedding 'packages,' I like to dial in exactly how much personnel you'll need, how much time you'll need, and which services you'll need, then build a quote towards exactly that. Or! Tell me your budget and I'll build a package around it. If we vibe well, that's the most important thing — I get the best shots, the best referrals, the best reviews and have the best time with couples that I genuinely like, so what does it matter if your budget is $650 or $4200? I've done weddings for both of those budgets and they were both great experiences. Let's figure out what you need and we'll make it happen.

Also: the codeword is "Gorgonzola Salad." Work it into the conversation somehow and see what happens.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Heck, I'm an offbeat bride(groom) myself and I prefer to be amongst my people. What kind of person are you? What are you into? What makes you laugh? What makes you feel all romantical? What's the story that you want to tell?

Let's talk, because I want to know!

We're all here for the same reasons — vibe. Style. Panache. Humor. Fluency in the modern culture. My goal is to become another positive, additive presence celebrating you, your relationship and the people you love.

Here, I'll prove how "Offbeat Bridey" I am. Click this. I'm the guy with the guitar.

"Mike's energetic, up-for-anything vibe put us at ease, and his expert eye created fantastic shots that we'll treasure forever. We love the photos because he brought out our best and because he captured our vintage aesthetic and off-beat personalities. If we could do it again, we would work with Mike in a heartbeat." – Amy

Free engagement shoot for any Offbeat reader who books a wedding! I can't stress just how important the engagement shoot is — we get comfortable with one another, do some team building, and I get your immediate feedback on my pictures so on The Big Day I've got an idea of what you like best.

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