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Hey, I’m Beth! I'm most drawn to capturing ‘imperfect’ moments; sideways glances, belly laughs, ugly cries and raw emotions. My documentary approach to wedding photography is fun, colorful, natural and, let’s be honest, a little silly too.

Throughout the wedding day, I slip in and out of stealth mode to document everything with an eye for the raw, weird, sweet, humorous, honest moments but also keep on the lookout for the opportunity to make some really beautiful images happen. Not only do I document the action and stories of the day, I work with couples throughout their planning process so that they can pull-off an an honest, authentic and fun-as-hell love party.

While I like to observe and capture genuine, candid interactions I will give you a little direction when needed so you’re not left wondering what in the world your hands are supposed to be doing. This blend of guidance and spontaneity is especially great if you’re kind of camera shy; it’s my job to help you feel comfortable and relaxed so you look more like YOU.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Most of my clients tend to be fun-loving, silly, genuine, a little (or a lot) nerdy and have adventurous spirits. They value the beauty in simple moments and
are interested in having keepsakes of the interactions, connections and relationships between the people at their wedding rather than lots of big, flashy, posed setups.

The couples who hire me want to have a relationship with their photographer so that it feels like a friend is there capturing their day; Someone who's invested in their story and their family and their memories not just some rigid professional who treats it like any other job. This is important to note because if there's dancing you will most definitely see me out on the floor busting a move with your mother-in-laws and catching it all on camera.


  • My motto is Work Hard, Have Fun (and I’m really good at both those things).
  • I’m proud to be a body positive photographer, a passionate supporter of marriage equality, and advocate for human and animal rights whenever possible.
  • I adore nerd culture and my husband and I currently have a bit of an obsession with backing new tabletop games on Kickstarter.
  • I believe few things are better than a hoppy beer paired with the right bourbon- But if it gets over 90 degrees I will TOTALLY drink cold pink wine.
  • I usually listen to loud rock or metal while I edit photos though I’ve been known to blast musical theater soundtracks in the car with the windows down.
  • I have a passionate love/hate/love relationship with horror movies.

Alright friends, now it’s your turn. Get a hold of me and we’ll meet up for a drink, laugh over cat videos and geek out a little about your upcoming celebration!

"…We were confident that we would end up with beautiful photographs but we never anticipated what an incredible support Beth would be to the both of us. Through all the craziness, Beth was a constant beacon of sanity and helped us to steal moments of pure love and joy, to be in the moment. We are thankful for her ability to calm us and for the outrageously beautiful photos that we now have to treasure." – Kathleen + Kate

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All packages come with a beautiful heirloom album. Let me know you found me on Offbeat Bride and you'll get additional pages in your wedding album for FREE! ($120-350 value!)

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