Enter my shop Twin B Designs and discover a designer who is obsessed with sharing her love of creating vintage style clothing, just for you. My designs borrow from the very best features of styles past, from Regency to Victorian to 20th century fashion trends. I’m guilty of irrational perfectionism, so you can be confident that each piece is carefully designed and handmade in my studio with only the highest quality and attention to detail, and I always incorporate finished French seams in my clothing. My uniqueness is what sets me apart from the tired repetition of the mass market. Thank you for browsing! Twin B designs will never discriminate; I am proud and happy to accommodate all clients.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I was a successful artist, a painter, for over thirty years, but had reached a plateau where I realized I was no longer motivated to evolve, and felt I was merely marking time in the same spot. I am now channeling my creativity into Twin B Designs, designing and creating garments and accessories full-time, and I couldn't be happier with all the friends and clients I have made all over the world.

I spend a considerable amount of time investigating historical clothing before I design and create my own unique garments and accessories, trying to remain as authentic to the era as possible. As is evidenced by my watercolor paintings, I am a self-described perfectionist, and this precision to detail carries on to my hand-sewn creations. Each piece is meticulously and precisely handmade, from finished French seams to extravagant embellishments. I take great pride in my work and feel that anything worth doing is worth giving 100% of your effort.

Impeccable craftsmanship, beautiful cut, this seller really knows what they are doing. The dress fit perfectly and looks quite elegant when worn because it is so well made. The fabric is exquisite and the dress is even better than the picture. I will buy more from this seller, because her dresses are so high quality!

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