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I'm a photojournalist, a storyteller, a gatherer of moments. My passion is reality — in all of its random nuttiness. I look for the moments that no one expects, the truth that's way better than fiction. I've worked as a documentary and news photographer for twelve years now and I bring this style and mind-set into every wedding I photograph.

A couple's wedding day is an amazing combination of beauty, love, emotion and self-expression. I'm inspired by the people I work with and I love getting to witness the unique story that unfolds with each celebration. I've been thrilled to document events as varied as a private ceremony at Philadelphia's City Hall, a backyard barefoot wedding in the mountains, and even a bride being serenaded by a 200-person gospel choir.

I got my start as a photographer working for newspapers in South Florida. I was drawn to the idea of being a witness, of showing people things they might otherwise not see. When friends started asking me to photograph their weddings about eight years ago, I learned the same concept is true for that special day. It goes by in such a blur, and afterward the photography is what remains.

I work in a documentary style, letting the action happen without changing what's in front of me. I'm often told that I'm invisible and unobtrusive. I strive to create images that are honest as well as beautiful. I'm always up for an adventure, so if you've got something unique up your sleeve, I'm your woman! I'm currently based in Philly, but always happy to travel.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I am inspired by the unexpected. Unconventional, independent, offbeat — this is how I would describe the people I really connect with. When I meet a couple for the first time and the bride looks at me with a question in her eye and then tells me about the really “weird” thing she’s planning to do, that’s when I know we’re meant to be.

Being a photojournalist means that I’m quick to adapt and ready for anything. I won’t get confused when your day departs from the traditional sequence of events; I’ll just get happy. I love seeing people create a wedding day that embraces who they really are as a couple, whether that means wearing a vivid red dress, holding the entire shebang at a campground, getting married with only two witnesses and a photographer, or any other non-traditional wedding day decision. So whatever totally-not-average plans you’re hatching for your celebration, I can’t wait to hear about it, and to create the unforgettable images to match.

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