Welcome to TopperTopShop, my Polymer Clay Studio. I'm Natalya and my figurines for wedding cakes are 100% handwork. I don't use forms, molds, or paints. Everything is made of multi-colored polymer clay — there are no paints that could bleed onto your cake. The uniqueness of my figurines means that after your wedding, these cake toppers easily wash and remain with you as a memory of your wedding day.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I specialize in wedding cake topper skeletons, made exclusively for you. They can include a bride and a groom, two brides, two grooms, or even throuples. I can also add pets, children, and more. I will make the cake topper match your exact wedding outfits, bouquets, and more.

I ask clients for information such as…
1. The size (height, width)
2. Position (pose ideas)
3. Bride details (hair style and color, dress style and color, bouquet of flowers, jewelry, veil, etc)
4. Groom details (hair style and color, suit style and color, buttonhole of flowers, tie, shoes , etc)
5. Pet details (please send photos!)
6. Base (color, size, inscription)

• name and date plaque 3D
• cats / dogs
• third figure
• children
• bouquet of flowers

"Perfectly made. Great customer services. The detail in the piece she made for us is amazing down the lace on the wedding dress sleeves. So beautiful and the topic of discussion at the wedding. ❤️❤️❤️" -Stacy

Examples of my work

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