Titanium Kay is the leading men's jewelry and accessories store online. We offer large collections of titanium and tungsten wedding band rings and stainless steel jewelry and accessories, including cufflinks.

With 99% of items in our store being always in stock, whatever you see now, you can have it by tomorrow!

And we ship to all countries.

Here are some important facts about our tungsten rings

  • 100% scratch proof
  • Do not bend out of shape
  • Do not contain any cobalt
  • Made with nickel binder
  • Covered by our lifetime warranty against scratches and breakages
  • Can be removed by medical professionals in case of medical emergencies
  • Hypoallergenic

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We pride ourselves with superior customer service, which includes swift product delivery. We understand in times of special occasions such as wedding, not everybody can afford to wait for 2-4 weeks for an order. That's why we keep all sizes of all styles in stock all the time.

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