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Timeless Ketubah

We create unique sculptural and wood-engraved ketubah designs. Created by award-winning artist David Master, each ketubah is truly a labor of love with unique style and personality. We work with you throughout the process (you can be as involved or as hands-off as you would like to be) to ensure that the design and text are exactly what you’re looking for.

What is a ketubah?

A ketubah is an ancient Jewish custom which goes back over 2,000 years. It originated as a legal document which was signed prior to the wedding ceremony by two witnesses. Its contents were way ahead of its time. The ketubah granted wives financial and physical protection in the event of divorce or husband’s death, and stressed the importance of respect and responsibility as a central principle when taking the oath of marriage. Today this custom lives on, as couples continue to use this original Aramaic ketubah text, often supplemented or substituted with a modern interpretation. To make it truly meaningful, many couples choose to write their own ketubah text.

The ketubah is usually signed right before your wedding ceremony, displayed, and read during your ceremony, is often displayed at the wedding reception, and is then brought home afterwards, becoming a permanent reminder of your wedding and of your commitment to your soulmate.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We love working with unique couples who are planning their fabulous weddings. Each ketubah we create is customized and handmade-to-order, so you can be confident that it will be the perfect fit for your individual and collective personalities. We are a proud supporter of marriage equality in every sense and we work together with couples of all backgrounds, identities, orientations, and religious beliefs.

Comparable to a wedding vow, the essence of the ketubah is about having a beautiful representation and reminder of your commitment and love for your soulmate – throughout your unforgettable wedding ceremony and for the rest of your lives. Our goal is to make your ketubah as personal, beautiful, and meaningful as possible. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation – or (347)460-7120.

“We absolutely LOVE our Timeless Ketubah! Now that it stunningly sits in our apartment, I cannot imagine having gone another route. The first dance sculpture captures our personality and their flexibility with us writing our own text and working with our rabbi makes the finished product as beautiful as it is meaningful.
David and Elana set the gold standard of great customer service and business practice! They were there to answer every email and phone call and help us work through our questions along the way! WHAT A PLEASURE!” -Molly Wernick

Examples of my work

Below you will find a selection of ketubahs/ketubot from our collection. Please keep in mind that the works of art displayed below are only samples. Any part of what you see below — from the colors to the frame to the text and more -can be customized to your preferences. Each ketubah is made to order, which guarantees that you get the ketubah of your dreams.

We invite you to visit our Online Gallery to learn more about each one.

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