Time-Lapse Tales

Storytelling by Time-Lapse — my critically-acclaimed, signature style of event portrayal. I capture weddings by taking over 30,000 individual photographs and combining them with a personalized soundtrack. While most videographers utilize a formulaic 'highlights-only' approach, I give couples the opportunity to watch their entire day re-played from beginning to end in unparalleled detail.

My innovative technique bridges the gap between photography and videography; it paints a vivid picture, stirs memories, evokes nostalgia and entertains for decades to come. While the fast pace of the footage is unconventional, the speed reflects the fleeting nature of experience itself, emphasizes emotion, and ensures your video is popular on social media.

I mold my style around your personality, enabling you to tell your unique story… The final work surpasses the impact of singular photographs, avoids the clichés of typical wedding videography, and captures the little moments that other forms of media miss.

Time-Lapse Tales is for couples who are not afraid to break from traditional expectations and do something different; who, most of all, want to truly remember their time together.

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Time-Lapse Tales

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

  • Before and after your wedding, we will consult together; I am always excited to hear your own ideas about the final video, as well as the soundtrack. I begin a process of personalized music research many months before the actual wedding.
  • On the big day, I arrive from the moment you are ready to be photographed and stay until everything has finished.
  • I shoot as a one-man (always-smiling) team. I'm a very friendly character, putting my subjects at ease, and enjoying a good dance in the evening. No video crews, no continuous lighting sources, no microphones – no unnecessary self-consciousness! I want your wedding to remain your wedding…
  • My enthusiastic approach elevates perfectionism and attention to detail to new heights: I literally shoot and edit the video frame by singular frame.
  • I take an unrivaled quantity of photographs and always capture many priceless spontaneous moments. The best shots are provided as edited stills to complement your video.
  • I'm based in the UK but travel globally – no destination is too far! If you have any questions or would like a quote, don't hesitate to email me.

Time-Lapse Tales

"Our wedding went in such a blur, a frenzy of memories to cherish, were it not for Pete and the amazing time-lapse he did for us, I’m sure these beautiful moments wouldn’t be so vivid in our minds still. Pete has an amazing talent for capturing the energy of an event with thoughtful nuance. He really produced a gorgeous video that distilled our special day. We would absolutely recommend his service- and have done already- it’s hard not to be his biggest advocate when he really delivered something far beyond our expectations. There’s something really quite wonderful about his skill that sits in between film and photography; infusing the magic of the delicate moments with the jubilations of the bigger ones.

Pete was incredibly sweet and professional on the day. He made friends with the guests with ease and they felt very comfortable around him. The finished product was extra special to me as my grandmother sadly died after the wedding. He managed to capture her perfectly in the video.

I can only describe it as a little piece of magic to remember the best day of my life. I would recommend Pete’s service to anyone for their big day, in fact I have already recommended him to all of my friends and family with impending events.

Thank you Pete, for such a beautiful gift." – Alice Colley

Examples of my work

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