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To me, an Offbeat wedding is simply one that embraces authenticity. We're all a little freakin' weird, but only the most authentic of peeps embrace it on their wedding day. Fuck what society thinks: you do you, boo.

I always joke that my ideal client is the nerdy traveling foodie alcoholic. My obsession with Firefly runs deep, with a traditional yearly binge to keep me satiated. I love vibrant hair, tattoos, piercings, lizards. I love deep conversations and loathe surface talk. I want clients that let their Freak Flag fly, on a daily basis.

Side note: I recently had a client give me a custom flogger as a vendor gift. That's how I knew I had reached true success.

I want to connect with you. I want to become friends, to give you a big hug on your day, to give you an encouraging smile when you look at me during the ceremony. To take a shot of rum during the party. Let's kick some ass together and make some magic!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I cater to everyone equally, but with Offbeat Couples, we'll just jive that much better. I like a good drink, I can out-swear a sailor. I think that I help cater specifically to Offbeat Couples because I don't judge, on anything. You can be yourself around me and I think that's vital on your wedding day. A wedding is an intimate affair, with your friends and family…why invite some stranger who doesn't even know your name to capture your memories?

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