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The Raw Stone

The Raw Stone creates rough diamond and sapphire bridal rings that are ethically sourced and artfully designed with completely unique and interesting stones. We trace our diamonds and sapphires directly to the mine where we are careful to ensure that they were mined in a humane and environmentally conscious manner. Customers choose their specific stone from our collections, then select a setting or design their own directly with our team, and then we create the piece. We believe that a piece of jewelry that carries so much meaning should be created in the most beautiful and conscientious manner possible.

The Raw Stone is the preeminent source of traceable rough diamonds and rough diamond rings. We work directly with miners, mining communities and companies to ensure that we are sourcing the most ethical diamonds and sapphires possible. We specialize in rough diamonds (or uncut diamonds), salt and pepper diamonds, and natural Ceylon sapphires with unique coloring as the center stones for our rings. Our designs are nature-inspired, elegant and minimalist in order to properly showcase the spectacular center stone.

Customers can either create rings on their own through our website where they choose their stone, choose their ring design, and then we create it. Or, they can contact us and collaborate directly with our head designer to build a completely unique and meaningful ring.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

The diamonds and sapphires in our rings are anything but the normal stones you see in most jewelry stores. By its very nature, an uncut diamond is completely unique from any other stone. Uncut diamonds, because of their different shapes, also require completely unique designs because they must be set entirely by hand.

Our cut diamonds may have the shape of diamonds you’ve seen, but they’re different too. Our cut diamonds highlight internal specks and flaws openly unlike typical diamonds. Peering into the face of one of these stones, an entire universe of elements, minerals, seams and natural sparkle is visible, quite dissimilar to the diamonds found on store shelves today.

Our sapphires come in a spectrum of colors, often including an entire spectrum of colors within one stone! This is because our sapphires come from a small-scale family operated mine in Sri Lanka that does not heat treat their limited supply of sapphires. These spectacular rainbow-colored sapphires are a natural phenomenon that is unfortunately either heat-treated, chemically-treated or simply sorted out of the market. We bring them directly from mine to market to ring. So, if you’re looking for something different, something beautiful, and something a little counter-culture, you’ve found the right place.

"Excellent, personalized service. Beautiful ring and diamond. The process of buying this beautiful raw diamond was so easy. Communications with owner to ultimate details of the design were constant, informational and accommodating to my requests. Felt as if I was in a boutique store and I was their special customer."
– Arnaldo M.

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