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The Plannery is a boutique wedding planning and coordination company led by DC and Baltimore-based professionals who believe high quality is achievable at any budget. At The Plannery, there are no “shoulds”— we're here to support and nurture each unique client. As practical, down-to-earth planners and coordinators, we’re here to shoulder the stress and insanity so you can relax, enjoy, and party your ass off!

Our business style is friendly, real, creative, and open-minded, where inspiration is more important than aspiration and where the priority is spending money in a smart and conscious way. We fully support marriage equality, and giddily enjoy planning weddings and other events for everyone. Please note we're now offering services in the Baltimore area!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I started my business years ago, frustrated by the fact that most planners were seen as pushy, aggressive and tied to the latest “trends” and what one “has” to do when getting married. DC also has the tendency to come across as super-traditional – but I know my offbeat couples are out there and need to be supported and validated!

We are grounded, supportive, friendly planners and coordinators who get sht done. We love our LGBT clients, we firmly believe that grooms should be as involved as brides (so yes, we will ask you your opinions too and cc you on emails!), and we’re always thrilled when clients come to us with untraditional ideas. We stay on top of all the small details that often come with these untraditional choices and are a supportive resource providing real advice (a.k.a. no bullsht – but always with a smile).

“She's like a ninja that comes in and gets sh*t done before you even knew it needed to be done.” – Sally Miller

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