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The Lovely Lens

You're gettin' hitched! (YaY!) But perhaps you’re not super into the idea of the overly-manicured weddings of old. Perfect. Because this is not your grandma’s wedding photography.

I tend to think of myself as an anti-wedding-photographer wedding photographer. Confusing, I know. This means when I pick up my camera, I don't see "a wedding." I see humor and irony and color. I see people who are geeking out, goofy, unabashedly happy and imperfect and going through a gushy mess of emotions. That doesn’t mean that I don’t also love a good posed pic (portraits are my favorite, shhh). It just means I approach them differently, whether it’s arty and epic or subtly candid or self-aware and silly. But it also means I don’t shy away from shooting the awkward dance moves and runny mascara. Because I believe that stuff is human and real and awesome.

And who’s the enigma behind the camera? I’m a documentary photographer who floats between the journalism and art worlds, wandering country and globe chasing my craft. I love equally telling stories and listening to the stories of others. I’m the type of person who makes up nonsensical musicals for my own amusement. I nurse a soft spot for sci-fi and space, music and dance, strong coffee and vegetable gardens. One of the few things I may love even more than photography is being outside. And food. Always food.

There’s a mile-long list of why I love to shoot weddings, and many reasons why I continue to straddle the two worlds of editorial photojournalism and wedding photography. But above all else, I love witnessing weddings because they are some of the last remaining spaces that are truly free of cynicism and fear. They offer a safe space for all the emotions we hold dear, everything we want the world to be. They are a brave statement. And that’s worth a lot.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Everyone is offbeat. Truly. I believe we all have our unique quirks, and if we’re bold enough to listen to them, weddings can be the ultimate reflection of our personalities (and also one hell of a good party). I was attracted to a career of storytelling because I’m eternally fascinated by people and understanding the things that make them who they are. Marriage is one of the few rites of passage that we socially construct, and as such can be an amazing window into our individual and collective selves.

I want to hear about your hopes and schemes, your fears of your crazy aunt getting a bit too sloshed, your wacky design ideas or themed party obsessions or how you’re going to incorporate your pet iguana into the ceremony. I love it all.

"We got our photos and I'm drooling over all of them. They're magical, and bring me right back to the all the amazing moments. Not to mention the party pictures are freaking awesome. We cannot begin to thank you enough for your work and your vision." ~ Nicole and Terence

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