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For couples of all varieties, I believe it’s your wedding, and no one else’s. The only tradition you need to worry about is the one you start yourself. So if your event requires lego or meeples, superheroes or villains, dragons or aliens, penguins, poi, or penis statues, pretty please, let me help! (And don’t worry if let out the occasional evil laugh, it’s just because I’m having so much fun!).

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Do you want to spin poi at your wedding or include Norwegian traditions? Do you need someone who understands that corsets were meant to be outerwear? Would you prefer that the legal ceremony was merely a side note to the celebrations of your love? Are you frustrated at people’s reactions because something you feel/want doesn’t align with their idea of what should be? Do you need someone who understands the theatrics of your life and event? Well then, darling, let's go for tea and have a chat!

"Bey was absolutely amazing in her role as our wedding coordinator. She was able to get a feel for exactly what we wanted. She kept us happy, relaxed, and fed. Our guests all had a wonderful time. She went above and beyond, making sure that our needs, and quirky requests were all handled. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is looking to plan a wedding." – Cat Dietz

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