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Stephanie Gatton Events evolved as an opportunity for me to blend my kick-ass stage managerial skills with my current event planning prowess to coordinate your wedding! With a background deeply ingrained in the performing arts and live event management, you name it, I've done it.

I bring 10+ years of event planning and show running to every wedding I coordinate. I am a lover of logistics, who’s dedicated to details you didn’t even know you needed to think about! My timelines are masteries of coordination, advance planning, and troubleshooting, and my calm, positive attitude onsite makes me your other vendors’ best friend. I will make sure your rehearsal and big day are executed without a hitch, and that your ingenious ideas come to fruition. I’ll work with you in the weeks leading up to your wedding to ensure no task is left undone, and every part of your grand plan is expertly executed.

Why should you — or your partner, your parents, or the “responsible” friend you’ve been delegating tasks to — have to work on your big day? When you bring me on board your team, I’ll take care of things while you and those you love enjoy what should be one of the most awesome days of your life. Don’t you worry about a thing — I’ve got this!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

First things first: You and your beloved are getting married. Not your parents, not your friends, not your relatives. You. And you deserve a wedding that reflects who you both are, in every beautiful, unique incarnation! I’ll be your advocate for individuality, answering any question that begins with “Do we have to…” with a big, fat “No, you do not.” You do you, and the rest will flow naturally.

While I’ll totally work with more traditional couples – love is love, after all – I’m most passionate about partnering with those who identify as non-traditional, whatever that means to them. I work with people of all shapes, sizes, religions (or anti-religions), gender identities and couplings (or triads), colors, and more! I am a proud LGBTQ ally, and will go down just about any road with you in order to ensure you have the wedding of your dreams, whatever those dreams may be!

Want to bring your own unique touch to your wedding (I’ve coordinated knife juggling, samurai swords, pagan handfasting, and cosplay at weddings, to name just a few)? You should expect the same level of excellence and professionalism in how your wedding is executed as traditional brides and grooms, and I’ll go that extra mile (probably with a little bit of swearing along the way), to give you everything you deserve and more!

Stephanie Gatton Events is available for immediate bookings for Partial Planning and Month-of Coordination services (that last one typically kicks in around 6-8 weeks ahead of your wedding date). And new for 2018, I’m now pleased to offer my services as a day-of coordinator in my “Oh, Shit!” package. If you and your s.o. are T-minus two months to your big day and just realizing that “oh, shit,” this is a ton of work to do, then I’m the gal for you! No wedding is too big or small for me to jump on board to bring it all together!

"Stephanie handled all the behind-the-scenes details at the wedding we worked together, all with supreme confidence and good cheer. The vendors had to implement a backup plan to our backup plan for weather that involved changing locations, with guests, flowers, and other party essentials coming to an entirely different location at the very last minute. She was able to coordinate and communicate all of the changes, and NO ONE – not one guest! nor one vendor! – went to the wrong place. It was amazing. Her theater background serves her extremely well. No one coordinates a wedding like a stage manager!" – Angie Gaul, Milestone Images Photography (another Offbeat Bride vendor!)

“Our wedding would absolutely not have been the perfect day it was without Stephanie. We hired her for her month-of coordination, as well as to help us find our other vendors. Even though Stephanie is based in New York and we live in/got married in Philadelphia, we never felt there was any issue in her being out of town. Having never planned a wedding before, we had no idea who we needed, and what to look for. Stephanie was invaluable in helping find our equally amazing photographers, DJ, and florist. She coordinated all communications, made sure prices and contracts were reasonable, and was always available to answer any questions we had. She even made sure to meet me to chat in person when I was in New York for a weekend. During the last “month-of” Stephanie dealt with all final arrangements, made schedules for all the vendors and coordinated their arrivals at the venue. When we had surprise rain storms pop up on the forecast a few days before, Stephanie helped take care of everything we needed to make sure our wedding stayed dry. On the day of, I never felt nervous about the events of the day, or making sure that things went as planned, because I knew they would! I would have Stephanie plan my daily life if that were possible.” – Alexis North + Joe Moore, 2017

More Testimonials!

I am honored to be a member of the Offbeat Bride vendor community, after having been an Offbeat Bride and Tribe member throughout my entire wedding planning process as well! I am pleased to extend a discount to ANY client who mentions they found me on Offbeat Bride! I’m offering a 15% discount on Month-of Coordination services, and a 20% discount on Partial Planning services.

This offer is good for any 2018 wedding date (January 1 – December 31, 2018), but must be booked no later than June 30, 2018.

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