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Okay, so most people think of knights in shining armor and Game of Thrones as soon as they hear the word "chainmaille". As an Offbeat Bride myself, I struggled to find jewelry that looked elegant but was also strong enough to survive my chronic clumsiness. Seriously: I destroy everything. Fine metals were not in my budget, and "dainty" is destined for the scrap heap in my world. So I turned to an art form that was rare, bold, and made to last.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Chainmaille can easily be worn by both men and women. Pocketwatch chains, sporran chains, and fancy wallet chains are some of my specialties! I can also make pendants with titanium ball bearings anodized to look like pearls to match the color of your wedding theme. Dragons, mermaids, bikers… I can make something small and light, or something so heavy you'll limp down the aisle looking like you stepped off the set of Mad Max.

I also offer all my pieces in solid titanium as well as stainless steel. It's 40% lighter weight than stainless steel, but strong as all get out. Plus, and this is important: The titanium I use is ALLERGY -FREE. Not hypoallergenic. Not "low allergy". But commercially pure allergy-free titanium. We cut all our own supplies from scratch which is why we can offer that option. And if you want a darker tone to your wedding, anything in titanium can also be colored a rich beautiful black. Because: rock and roll.

"This necklace was a custom piece for my daughter. She came up with some ideas and Jen helped with the rest. The result was amazing, it came out perfect! I'd even made a request because of a safety concern and Jen immediately had a solution. I am so happy and will definitely be ordering again and again!" – GypsyJayn on Dec 21, 2019

Matching earrings will be included complimentary with any order if you found me through Offbeat Bride.

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