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At Sneaky Vaunt HQ, our team is made up of girls who live and breathe the Sneaky lifestyle. We’re fashion addicts with a passion for lingerie, and we’re 100% dedicated to hooking up our SV squad with our fave pieces — specifically designed for girls, by girls. Our goal? To give you that extra confidence boost and have you feeling like the 10/10 that you are.

We’ve been hooking up our girls with killer cleavage, and helping women all over the world unlock unlimited outfit options with the Original Push-Up bra, which was designed to give max cleavage for backless and strapless outfits. AND, what’s even better… we’ve recently launched a whole new line of shapewear and accessories, including body tape, lift tape, and nipple covers, as well as satin robes that are perfect for bridal parties!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

You see stunning low back wedding dresses, sweetheart and deep plunging necklines, and want to wear the look, but don’t know how to keep your girls in place — that’s where Sneaky Vaunt comes in. With our backless, strapless, stick on push-up, and body accessories, we’ve got everything you need to pull off “the look."

Oh… and in case that wasn’t enough, we’ve got the perfect panties, lingerie, and robes for your bridal party, too. Shop the bridal collection at!

"Pleasantly surprised by how comfortable this bra was. Let me be real sweating is a very real thing ladies and the first day I wore this bra for about 8 hours it was a hot and humid day and it stayed put! The first time I wore it I had to adjust it a few times to get it on right but it was still very sticky. It was so much more comfortable than my strapless bras and once I got it on right I didn't think about it again until I took it off that night. Now that I have worn it a few times putting it on is much easier because I know right where to put it for it to be comfortable/get the right amount of cleavage. With that in mind I would still buy this bra again." – April H.

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