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Our cultural perception of jewelry has evolved. It is no longer about having the biggest diamond, the brightest halo, or dropping 6 months salary on an engagement ring. Instead, we have collectively realized that what matters is having something that is personal, unique, and speaks to us and our relationships in particular. Shine is great, but we love our jobs because we get to focus on what is actually special about jewelry – how it magnifies our individualism and makes us feel loved.

But regardless of which product we are offering, we make sure the materials are of the highest quality. Our gemstones simply shine brighter – and our raw manufacturing capabilities mean you get to pay less for the finished product – a nice bonus if you ask us!

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Most of what we sell could never be found in a Zales, or a Kay's jewelry store. We like it that way! We like putting together custom pieces with design elements made for you and only you.

GJ – or often 'G' for short – is our shop expert, CAD designer, and customer service pro. Whether it's one of our stock pieces, or a custom item from scratch, he'll be sure to get you the product you want and communicate clearly. If something goes wrong – he'll also go out of his way to turn things around and ensure you have a good experience.

Be sure to check our collection of geeky wedding rings… it's not all we do, but it's what Offbeat Brides love most!

"The ring is even more beautiful in person,than the picture shows!! It was absolutely amazing! Would buy this ring again,and again!!" -Eddie (Pokeball ring)

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