Shandi Wallace Photography

Shandi Wallace Photography

My business philosophy is to keep things simple and sane. I don’t nickel and dime, because I hate when it happens to me. My wedding coverage is all-inclusive. That means one flat rate, for the whole wedding day. I don’t do forced packages full of grandparent pocket albums (?), keychains (..?), or printed coffee mugs (seriously WTF?).

I don’t believe in taking advantage of the “wedding high” and trying to sell you crap that you won’t need or want a year later. I especially don’t like the idea of hourly packages. I feel like it really sets a limit… and who the heck wants to be watching a clock? I show up when you’re getting ready, and I leave for the night when you do. THAT is your wedding day. Start to finish.

When I shoot, I prefer to just anticipate and catch what’s there. I don’t like perfectly posed photographs. (Though we’ll probably do one or two. Your grandma will want one.)

The candid expressions and moments are the most important part of photographs to me. I like to be able to look at old photos, and instantly remember what it felt like. And being posed like a Barbie doll is something I wouldn’t want to relive. The joke that made me almost fall over laughing, or that quick smooch from my new husband during his best friend’s toast, or when my weird cousin got drunk and took off his pants… those are the moments that I want to remember and relive every time I take out my wedding photos.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I think like-minds find each other. I love the readers of Offbeat Bride. Always fun, creative, so f'ing sweet.. I think your couples like having me around because I can fit in with just about any crowd. I just really enjoy people – but, I also know when to give space. And give hugs. Maybe get you a cold towel so you can wipe the dance sweat away. You can even keep deodorant AND your phone in my camera bag. I got you. Also, I've got a pretty contagious laugh. You'll love me. 😀

"Shandi is an incredible person and an extremely talented photographer. I could go on forever about how much I love her and can't imagine my wedding day without her, but I simply don't have the space :)." -Gayle H.

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I'd like to offer my services at a discounted rate of $2950 for Colorado readers of Offbeat Bride! Just mention them when you get in touch.

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