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Savannah Custom Weddings & Elopements

Hey ya’ll! I’m Tracy and I create and perform unique, modern & personalized wedding and elopement ceremonies in Savannah and other locations in Georgia and South Carolina.

I am not your ordinary Southeastern wedding officiant, and that is by design and circumstance. I decided to become an officiant in 2014 when I couldn’t find someone to officiate my own wedding. I wanted someone experienced, independent from a church, who had a modern and creative vibe to her and offered ceremony content focused on romance, adventure & teamwork. In the end, I researched everything I could about wedding ceremonies and wrote my own which had lots of personal pop-culture references and told our love story.

My wedding taught me that I loved the whole process of customizing and tailoring a wedding ceremony experience and I decided to try my hand at officiating other people’s marriages. I set up a website and within a year, I was officiating full-time. Within 3 years, I had 4 officiants working under me, a scheduling manager, and a thriving complimentary elopement and intimate wedding planning service. Collectively, my team and I have married over 1,100 couples since August 2014.

I love the diversity of my couples who choose Savannah from destinations all over the globe, and that I get to represent all types of beautiful love on my website & social media profiles. I love making the wedding planning process accessible to different types of couples and offering a personalized experience that honors one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

Savannah is essential to my own love story and I love being an ambassador for all it has to offer. I am not a native, but have lived here since 2012 when I moved from New York City on a personal adventure. Not only did I fall in love with this city, but with an amazing man who I married in 2014 in one of our historic squares. Savannah is a beautiful, progressive city of natives and transplants with amazing options for culture, food, and more. We have over 20 historic squares and parks you can use for your wedding, as well as the beaches of Tybee Island, and the stunning Bonaventure Cemetery and Wormsloe Historic Site.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

First, my ceremonies reflect a couple’s preferences, not mine, including weaving in non-religious, spiritual, interfaith or intercultural content. I also have specific beliefs about the wedding experience, and I believe that most couples who would describe themselves as offbeat would agree with them.

  • A wedding ceremony should be authentic and make you feel joyful AND empowered … and that marriage is something that should make you feel strong.
  • Wedding ceremonies are important, but that does not necessarily mean they have to be somber or serious.
  • Every wedding celebration, whether small and intimate, or grand and bold, deserves the same level of attention and love from their vendors … and there is no wrong way to be married.

I love customizing and tailoring experiences to a couple’s vision. While it was only once out of 1,100 ceremonies I’ve performed, I was asked by a couple to dress up as Wonder Woman and marry them by the authority of the Lasso of Truth. I was the only person at the wedding not dressed as a zombie. And I loved everything about it!

"Tracy is a wonderful officiant! We wanted a secular wedding, and she was recommended by our photographer. She is an absolute pro, knows everything about what could be in a ceremony, great to brainstorm with on what could work well for your vision. She does a great job of preparing you in advance of what to expect, and I found her vow writing guide very helpful. She's also a great person and we are so happy she married us!" – Christina, married 3/31/18

Examples of my work

My continuing experience with couples informs the themes I gravitate toward in my ceremonies. I keep every ceremony I 've ever prepared in an Evernote notebook, accessible from my ceremony tablet, itself protected in a blue-green case that says “Love and Forever” and revisit them often. When I arrive at a wedding, I believe I bring the combined vibrancy and energy of every couple that came before inside that tablet.

I love introducing unique rituals and readings for couples who are open to new ideas. I love couples who want to be playful and add quotes from movies, shows, and literature that they share. And I love helping couples figure out how to deal with any issue that may arise as they plan their wedding, including those with families. There is always a solution!

Finally, I am a big fan of using technology to make lives simple and easy, and I embrace software and tools that make my clients’ planning stress-free throughout our work together. I also believe in always striving to be better and am an active member of the International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants and Savannah’s Tourism Leadership Council.


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