The vision of Sage & Swan was realized on the road during a quest for beauty and truth. It was founded in love and friendship with the intention to create impeccable images that speak of heart.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We seek the lovers, rockers, the dancers and explorers; those who seek us, the dreamers and creators. We will go where love leads.

In hopes to expand our abilities to witness a greater love, we exist bicoastal (in the hills of Pennsylvania and the desert of California). Your love brings us together. We are honored to capture the light that makes your union truly magic.

"Professional, and courteous! Gentle and glamorous. Prompt and aware, with so much attention to detail. We are thrilled with the outcome, and feel they captured our day with beauty and grace! Such a success, thank you for sharing it with us."
-Kerry Alice Burr

Examples of my work


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