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You are the Occasion!

You've known each other for several months or several years, and you've withstood your first few relationship challenges. Now you're looking at options for taking your next step together. Let Daniel bless your relationship by presiding at your ceremony.

Ordained, Period.

With over 20 years of professional ministerial experience, Daniel is ready for any scenario. Holding dual standing as an Alliance of Baptists pastor and American Protestant minister, and as pastor of Faith Tapestry Community Church (New Haven, CT), he is authorized to perform wedding ceremonies in all 50 states and the U.S. territories. Unlike a municipal justice of the peace or an officiant with online ordination, Daniel has completed twelve years of theological and philosophical education, including the Doctor of Ministry, preparing him to handle any eventuality with grace, humor, and style.

Your Vision, Implemented

None of Daniel's ceremonies are identical. Each ceremony is painstakingly crafted according to the couple's stated interests and preferences. In fact, Daniel invites the couple into the collaborative process, to ensure that each element vibes with their dream wedding. One of Daniel's featured pictures shows a cosplay wedding ceremony, in which each attendee (including the couple) wore some kind of costume. And in fall 2020, Daniel co-created an RPG (role-playing game)-themed wedding with his couple. But Daniel's favorite wedding was with two of his assisted living residents where Daniel was chaplain. The couple in their late 70s said it was love at first sight, and for one of them, this was their first marriage. Daniel cleared his Thanksgiving weekend to marry them, and the couple made all the local papers!

Love is Love

Daniel presides over wedding ceremonies for all consenting adult partners who wish to join as spouses, regardless of their creed or identity: Christian, interfaith, humanist, secular, spiritual non-religious, same-sex couples, gender non-conforming, gender non-binary… And as an adjunct professor of world religions, Daniel considers it a treat to learn about different cultures and traditions, bringing them into focus wherever the couple chooses to hold their ceremony.

Any Location

Locations have ranged from a park in St. Louis to Yale University's historic Battell Chapel, from the couple's local congregation to the Union League, from the oceanfront in Greenwich to a country club in Wallingford, CT where the couple met. Daniel is still waiting for a destination wedding on a cruise ship, but he'd actually prefer getting to know you and your dream ceremony over a bowl of ice cream at Arethusa Farm Dairy in New Haven, CT. (Haven't tried it out yet? You really need to!) For a September 2020 ceremony, during the COVID-19 quarantine, Daniel is working with a couple that may choose to use videoconferencing so that their closest family and friends can stay safe at home while participating in their ceremony at a remote location. Seriously, nothing phases Daniel.

Your Style, Reflected

Liturgical vestments are not required for a ceremony to be a real ceremony. Daniel has no persona to maintain. He will wear a chicken suit if that fits into some purpose. If you're wearing a wedding gown and tux, Daniel will dress appropriately. Linen shorts? Daniel will join the party. Your personal style will be reflected through every aspect of the ceremony, down to the last fiber.

Diverse Worldviews

Daniel specializes in negotiating diverse (if not divergent!) worldviews and political and religious perspectives within a single family. Regardless of past conflict or avoiding topics, Daniel will work with couples to craft a meaningful and polished ceremony that pulls the families together, symbolically and in a real way.

Services Included

Initial consultation, contract signing, service planning, optional premarital counseling, ongoing phone/email conversations, the actual ceremony, and the signing of the state license are all included in the honorarium. Some add-ons may include running the wedding rehearsal (in conjunction with the wedding planner), prayer/toast at the rehearsal dinner, prayer/toast at the reception, and significant follow-up after your big day. Whichever add-ons you select, if any, Daniel will stay in touch with you for the months leading up to the day of your ceremony, in order to ensure that every word of your ceremony reflects the best of your relationship.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Get married by a biracial, pansexual Baptist pastor who parents and grandparents approve of! While the run-of-the-mill officiant "vendor" might appear a safe choice, you aren't getting anything special. Oh, they marry same-sex couples? That's cute.

For Daniel, blessing all consenting relationships, including those that are poly, is an actual calling and ministry. Does your dream wedding include a recycled script, "customized" only in the sense that names and pronouns have been changed? That's what most officiant vendors offer.

Here's a partial listing of those Daniel has blessed: an RPG (role-playing game)-themed ceremony, a thrupple, several atheist ceremonies that born-again Christians raved about, Spanish/English ceremonies, incorporating an ordained family member as a co-officiant, and performing an entirely sung communion service with a string quintet.

So, marrying Offbeat Brides is really intentional. In fact, it's Daniel's focus.

Harold and I are both widowed, and [Daniel] was so respectful of our previous marriages and brought them into the ceremony as a way of honoring our love continuing… His speaking voice is easy to listen to, also! He attended to every detail that was important to us… – Whitney Dixwell (Ceremony 03/08/2019)

Offbeat Brides get 10% off the total honorarium if they book their wedding between September – April (may be scheduled for any time during the year).

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