You’ve made the leap. You and your soon-to-be spouse have recognized that you don’t need a ton of new home furnishings and have decided to re-direct your friends’ and families’ generosity around your big day towards a charitable cause. You know what cause you want to benefit, but you’re overwhelmed by the vast number of organizations serving that cause and want their gifts to benefit the best possible one.

A Power of Deduction registry is for you.

Couples registering with Power of Deduction select one or more of the eight causes we serve—traditionally progressive things like the environment, global health, immigration and refugees, the arts, and others. We work continuously to identify the most efficient, effective, and ethical charities serving each cause, and make user-supported contributions to one per cause every single month. It’s a bit like crowd-funding for your favorite causes, but with the added peace of mind that the charities that stand to benefit have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they’re some of the best organizations around.

So how much do we give? When users (e.g. your wedding guests) donate to us, we can add 130% of the value of their gifts to our next monthly contributions for the causes they select. This means we’ll be able to add $130 to our September contribution to a charity serving the environment if that’s the cause you register for and your Aunt Sally makes a $100 donation in August. Compare this to other charitable registry services where only $87 or so of her $100 gift would wind up in the hands of a charity. We get this extra 30% back as a tax refund since the contributions we make (though not users' donations to us, since we aren’t ourselves a charity) are tax deductible to us.

Plus, we’ll keep you informed about gifts to your registry so you can stay on top of your thank you notes.

For those couples bold enough to dedicate their gift registries to charitable purposes, therefore, there's just no better option than Power of Deduction.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to register with Power of Deduction now!

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

There's something inherently offbeat about couples saying "enough with the blenders" and deciding to use their registry to make the world a better place through charity. And the ones who do so via a method that will effectively add 30% to their friends' and families' gifts? These are the truly offbeat couples we live to serve.

"I was extremely happy with my experience donating to Power of Deduction. They found an incredible organization serving my cause and made me feel like my charitable dollars had really reached their full potential." – Don Broida, Los Angeles

Examples of my work

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