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As you can see, I'm a little offbeat in who I am, not just in what I do! Photography is my creative outlet to inspire and encourage people and HAVE FUN! Pink Light Images' imagery is tailored to your day, your story, and your love. I prefer to stand back and watch your day unfold with very little interruptions or posing. (Though, upon request, I can do it all, baby!) My art reads as high-contrast, colorful, and LIGHT.

I was an Offbeat Bride without even knowing it with my "Blue Man Group" inspired wedding. My parents thought I was a little strange, but I fought for most of what I wanted to really express myself and my passion. I used many Blue Man music pieces, trinkets inspired by their show and, of course, two friends dressed as Blue Men at my reception. The only thing I did not do was hire an amazing, artistic photographer. This is why I'm here. Let me capture your day and let your stresses fade away as I capture the light and love of the event! Let's make some art together! I'm in the Dallas/Fort Worth area — but am excited to fly/travel to your destination of choice all over the US and abroad as commissioned! You. Me. A Camera. LOVE!

On a side note: I usually have a second photographer with me on site for your day — and it is my husband! 🙂

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I am in love with the love we share as couples. Knowing when I’m walking into a wedding of any type/size/shape that love is a factor in the relationships makes my heart fly. My goal is to SERVE you with my heart and my gift as a photographer. It is truly as simple as that.

I love meeting new people and getting to know you a bit and making images special just for YOU and your relationship. I’ve been told a few times that I have helped others see themselves differently. Let’s face it, don’t we all get camera shy sometimes? Well, with me — we make art together and the love and light comes through the images. I make unique images for the UNIQUE you! So, let's talk, how can I help you?

Two things I love about weddings: CAKE and DANCING! If you are having both of these items, you might see me stuff my face AND dance with you on the dance floor. I really don’t hold back! If I’m not on the dance floor I’m on the sidelines snapping your pictures and dancing to the beat!

"We will be forever grateful for the way that you two served us on our special day! The love and light that you captured will be cherished eternally. We love you!"
–Sherry & Conor

$100 off your bridal package if you are an OFFBEAT bride/groom!

Examples of my work

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