Photography by Jewels*

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Photography by Jewels*

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday!
(more about Jewels later)

We specialize in creative and dramatic wedding, engagement, & elopement photography for urban and mountain weddings – 0ur clients have a blast with us no matter where we are!

We are here for you guys every step of the way to make your photography experience exceptional! It is important to us that we tell the story of your day, from those awesome bridal portraits, to the intimate candid's where you don't know your photos are being taken, and all the details in between, and to capture you and your event in the most beautiful light possible.

More about Jewels: My son’s name is Johnny Bones… really! I looooove spicy food… My daughter, Presley Rose was named after The King. I’m a California girl, through and through but I love Colorado! I have 5 brothers and am the oldest of  6. I love to collect oddities and get lost in antique shops. Juicy Pear is my favorite flavor of Jelly Belly. I am a licensed Cosmetologist and love doing wedding hair & makeup! Of all professional sports, basketball is my favorite – Go Nuggets! My mid-life crisis is a Harley Davidson named “Kitten”… Traveling is one of my most favorite things to do… For 8 years, I worked in concert production and even toured with a metal band! Even though I’m the “artistic type”, when it comes to nature and science, I’m a total nerd. I love all genres of music, but rock & roll is always my favorite. Nerd Alert:  Batman – Star Wars – The Walking Dead. Being creative and doing creative things isn’t something I “do”…it’s who I am. My “baby” is a 1951 Chevy pickup named Edward (Eddie for short). I can’t stand clutter! My “happy place” is a small lake in Northern California, called Whiskeytown. Whiskey is my favorite alcohol. I love calling people by their nicknames. I would love to learn to play guitar so I can sing Eagles songs. I geek out at backlit aspens and furry grasses…

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"When I first met Jewels, my gut was screaming that she was to be our wedding photographer. I booked her on the spot! Her style is a perfect cocktail of pure beauty and vision – but with an edge! She captures moments, essence and magic – not just pictures." – Beth Veen

$100 off any full Wedding Collection — $50 off Elopement Collections!

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