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Per-fékt Beauty is a high quality, understated makeup collection thatʼs easy to use, and that highlights your natural beauty. Where makeup meets skincare, Per-fékt, perfects your natural beauty. So well in fact, that we named it our brand. Developed over a decade ago in Hollywood California as one of the original no makeup makeup brands, Per-fékt was designed to make you look like you, but just with airbrushed, natural looking, flawless skin.

Per-fékt has a loyal celebrity and celebrity makeup artist following due to the flawless natural finish our advanced gel formulas provide. Free of parabens, gluten and cruelty free, the collection is available online for anyone that wants to experience this luxurious, yet affordable makeup.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Per-fékt Beauty is the perfect solution for your wedding day if you're wanting a natural, airbrushed, understated look – with out the celebrity price tag. The reason our products are so popular, in particular for brides is simple: it’s easy and it works. The proof is in our products (and our real reviews).

It's worry-free makeup that’s easy to apply — it’s completely brush and tool-free makeup, and you don’t need to worry about looking cakey, unnatural, spending too much time on it, it lasting, it aging you, it being bad quality, or it being chalked full of chemicals. If you have sensitive skin or if you don’t normally wear makeup, then this is for you.

Lightweight and clean, you won’t feel like your wearing makeup, but will instead just have flawless, natural looking skin. Apply once, and you’re makeup will be good for your entire day (and night!).

"Truly Amazing, Absolutely sensational products! I have used other high-end products and have never had the results and ease of application as Per-fekt's Skin Perfection Gel. I chose luminous for my fair complexion and am marveled at how silky it feels. It truly does perfect uneven tones and gives me a perfect, natural, lightweight finish.”

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