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Are you ready for an adventure that you and your guests will never forget? We believe play has the power to bring people together, so at Paidia, we create quests, mysteries, encounters, and fantastical theatrical experiences that do just that.

WHAT? Allow us to explain… our team of designers, artists, actors, dancers, musicians, and performing artists will lead you and your guests on a magical wedding adventure. We’ll create aesthetic wonderlands; exquisite table settings, theatrical effects, unique handmade props and favors, and incredible interactive performances that bring your wedding theme to life. Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary; a fantasy world created specially for you and your guests!

PAIDIA EVENTS ARE: Astonishing, Amazing, Witty, Wonderous, Wise, Artful, Meticulous, Memorable, Marvelous, Mind Blowing, Miraculous, Playful, Passionate, Immersive, LGBTQ friendly, Inclusive, and WILDLY FUN.

YES! Absolutely. We can work with you to make sure that the theatrical elements of your wedding are when and where you want them; accentuating your special day in delightful and whimsical ways.

The short answer: Think murder mystery-style dinner meets Live Action Role Play, only much more fun, more beautiful, and written just for you and your event.

To get started, just choose one of our event adventures. Don't see anything that tickles your fancy? Don't worry, you can create your own! The next step is to schedule a consultation, and we'll discuss the details of your event and your vision. After our consultation, our team will work with florists, caterers, lighting designers, and others to transform your venue into the dreamscape of your imagination, and create a fabulously unique adventure for you and your guests.

ABOUT ME (the artistic director and founder)
I’ve been creating imaginary worlds and the characters that inhabit them since I was a little girl; an obsession which later led to a successful twenty year career as a director, producer, performer, choreographer, dancer, and production manager. I have received multiple grants for my original work, and was selected as a NYFA MARK artist in 2013. I am also the co-founder of the shadow puppet company, Gnomon Shadow Theatre (and yes, the shadow puppets have made appearances at a few of our events!). I hold an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College, and have been designing and producing unique and beautiful events for the hudson valley region since 2008.

Great! Shoot us an email, give us a call, or hop on our website to schedule a consultation. We can’t wait to meet you!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We are a wildly creative bunch; we love finding ways to bring life to quirky, non-traditional, fabulously unique ideas and themes, and we can't wait to hear yours.

"Incredible! Attention to detail is clearly a top priority for Paidia. Sharon stretches what an event can and should be, creating a completely unique and truly entertaining experience. Easily the best event I've ever experienced" – Johnathan Rowan

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