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Saying "I Do" is the very start of your married adventure, where you promise to face the world together through all of life’s little plot twists. You want this moment to be a meaningful reflection of your story and your life together, one you’ll fondly look back on well after your silver anniversary – AND the very first moment you’ll travel back in time to (as soon as science catches up).

All of our wedding ceremonies, from intimate elopements to elaborate interfaith weddings, are custom-written to highlight YOU, of course. IT'S YOUR DAY, AFTER ALL! Our passion is making sure your wedding ceremony is a completely personalized butterfly tingling experience of epic proportions because – let's be real – there's no time for boring in our book.

As a bi-lingual (English & Spanish-speaking) wedding officiant who believes that Love is Love, I’m honored (tickled, more like) to make your ceremony an unforgettably meaningful moment in your lives.


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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We cater to the Offbeat Bride market with our bilingual (English and Spanish-speaking) chops, our eagerness to try anything at least once, and our love of making the wedding ceremony an exciting moment instead of a complete and total snoozefest. I'd be tickled to be a part of Offbeat Bride and hope to work with more couples who want to kickstart their wedding with a kickass ceremony!!!

I am no ordinary NYC wedding officiant. I love working with adorkable couples who GET that marriage isn't always a piece of cake. It's real, sometimes messy, but ultimately worth it beside your favorite person! With customized ceremonies and personalized vows, we make sure to get the party started with a fun and heartfelt wedding ceremony that reflects your awesome duo.

"When people talk about their wedding (or weddings that they attend), you always hear comments on the food or the music or the venue. But bizarrely absent is the officiant – I mean, it's the main event but yet it's generally radio silence unless something so unique, special, or beautiful takes place.

Finding Daniela was the surprise hit for our big day. From the first meeting with her, we knew we had someone special. She took the time to really get to know us, wrote a lovely ceremony and vows, and perfectly incorporated any requests (both the unorthodox and the religious). Our ceremony was funny, expressed love, and captured the flavor of our relationship.

But it's amazing how many people asked us who the "friend" was that married us… as if she was someone we'd known forever. Seriously, that's the vibe we wanted and Daniela far exceeded our expectations for the day. Daniela is an absolute gem." – Alison & Jason | The Brooklyn Winery

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