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Officially Hitched

Make it Official!

Congrats! You and your partner have decided to get married!  As you plan all the details of the big day, you may be wondering who will guide the ceremony so it lives up to your expectations.  You may be sorting through religious and cultural traditions, trying to knit together a ceremony that feels authentic.  You may be asking each other, how do we make this official? 

You've come to the right place!  Officially Hitched provides wedding officiating services throughout the Bay Area. This includes designing the ceremony, running the rehearsal, officiating the ceremony, and solemnizing the marriage (signing and returning the marriage license).

I can create a custom ceremony; one that is uniquely tailored to authentically represent your union.  I'll be your guide and co-creator, as we weave together ancient and contemporary, traditional and unconventional.  

On the big day, I can solemnize the union with style, grace, and warmth.

I'm Rachael Tanner, your Wedding Officiant, co-creating a custom wedding ceremony with you!  

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Many couples find themselves searching for ways to make their ceremonies meaningful and reflective of their beliefs and traditions—not necessarily those of their parents or grandparents. Offbeat brides and grooms want an unconventional officiant, someone open minded. Someone who can weave together cultures and personalities into a ceremony that is all theirs.

I am an open-minded and multicultural cis-woman. I’m comfortable anywhere and with anyone. I love love. I love weddings. And I love offbeat brides and grooms! Let me work with you to create something unique and authentic.

"She helped us craft the ceremony. Rachael navigated working with two control freaks (us) who also needed help and guidance. Then, she did an absolutely amazing job with the ceremony. She had a great presence…a mix of calm, reverential, and funny. We definitely recommend Rachael!" – Melissa & Dan

Head to my website and book a free consultation. Mention Offbeat Bride and you'll get a 25% off any package you book!

Examples of my work

You can read a ceremony I helped create here. This one was super fun — even though the bride and groom contacted me just 7 days before the ceremony!

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