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I'm just your regular old quirky St. Louis native who enjoys provel cheese and knows it's not the heat, it's the humidity. I'm an old soul who found the love of my life, a dude who has a young heart and balances me out and makes me laugh every day. Because of our story, I want to tell your story. I’m a lover of adventure, a dreamer, an artist, and – full disclosure – slightly addicted to wedding cake.

My goal is not only to take photos that will be cherished for years to come, but to capture your spirit, your true and authentic self surrounded by those who matter to you, to make tangible the moments that are unforgettable in the best way I know how: with my camera. I believe we each shine bright from the inside, and that's what inspires my work. I want you to have genuine, beautiful, moving photos to look back on, ones that honor your love story. If that’s super important to you, I might be your gal!

To me, it's not JUST about getting great photos: it's about getting to know you, honoring your individual story, and being part of your team. I love finding amazing opportunities in ordinary settings and scenery and bringing out the most comfortable confident side of you. I appreciate the clients who appreciate the details. I shoot weddings to include all of the things you worked so hard to pull together, and the things you’ll probably otherwise forget. I strive to capture candid moments throughout the day, the colors and textures that build the look and feel of your space, and the little pieces and parts woven together to make it YOUR day. I think it's important you find a photographer whose work you LOVE – but, I believe it’s just as important you find someone who will bring out the best of who you are in your photos and is able to authentically capture the love you have for each other. After all, your wedding day is meant to be an amazing fun-filled celebration and you probably want a photographer who is all about that!

Your wedding day is important; you probably wouldn't still be reading this if it wasn't. Your wedding photos are important; surrounded by friends and family and your forever person, there are a ton of special moments I’ll capture for you, creating photos that, years down the road, will bring you right back to that day. So why choose me? Because I work hard to respect and honor that. As your photographer on your wedding day, you are my number one priority – from the moment we book, I'm on your team and I have your back. I promise I'll do my best not only to ensure you get beautiful pictures, but also to make sure your day is a ton of fun.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I’m all about days full of personal expression, that reflect your love as a couple and the life you've built together. I'm inspired by weddings the ephemeral and raw in-between moments, watching things unfold, genuine laughter (the kind with lots of chins) and getting to witness all of the things that make you YOU. My favorite weddings are ones that are sentimental, unique and offbeat, filled with DIY details and heirloom items, and include pets, exchanging love letters and amazing first dances.

To me, the most important part of your wedding day is that you're getting married – it's about all of the other stuff, too, but ultimately, it's your party! If that means getting married in your living room, having a lightsaber battle or a sorting hat, repping your favorite sports team on your day or saying your vows at your favorite date night spot, let's do it – I can't wait!

"Our friends and family thought she was our friend with how well she fit in with us! Nora was great at capturing the important little things and the big things. She Understood our vision and nailed it! Ravenclaws for life ❤️" – Katie W, married 10/12/2019, Highland, IL

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St. Louis Blues Themed Wedding at Lost Hill Lake Events


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