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Nathalia Frykman Photography

Nathalia Frykman Photography welcomes you as you are! My team and I register the best of your day by bringing up the best in you!

No "cheesy" smiles required (unless you want to). No need for insecurities. We are all unique people and capturing your essence is part of our job. Your wedding should reflect your personality and so should your wedding photos.

If you're adventurous, we'll climb mountains at the sunset to capture a wild kiss with beautiful lighting behind you. If you're elegant and love high fashion photography, we'll make sure to register that! We'll customize our services according to you! If you're a geek or nerdy type, fear not, we can explore fantastic ideas to register your love, hobbies and likes. And if you're just laid back, we`ll keep it chill.

We reserve a time and place for everything. Our couples receive a free consultation so we can plan timeless photos with a classic flair along authentic artistic portraits.

We value our connection with each clients regardless of national origin, religion, race, gender, looks, social status, sexual orientation and so on. We are all humans and we love capturing diversity in our images!

Visit our website and contact us now for details. Let us capture you being yourself!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I'm an avid photographer, mother and wife, passionate about life and social causes. I'm obsessed with learning new things, traveling to new places and converting raw emotion into images. I speak multiple languages and would make your guests feel at home 😉

When I got married 8 years ago, I ended up settling because I was afraid of being judged and the only thing in my wedding that showcased my personality was the cake topper (skeleton bride and groom). I do not want you to have to settle too! I'm your safe place! I'm the one that will support your wedding ideas and think it is great and "so you"! No judgement! I love meeting new people and value diversity! It is an honor to be listed at Offbeat Bride and photograph couples who are proud of being themselves.

I truly enjoy documenting precious moments and capturing deep nuances of diverse personalities in my images. I just love looking back at photos and remembering moments that will be cherished forever.
My mission is to provide you the same great experience I have when I see an image of my children playing or of the passionate look in my husband's eyes during our wedding.

Translating your feelings and personality into a priceless piece of art is what I do best! I'd love to register your special moment and family milestones. Look around the website to make sure we are a good fit (which I know we are since you're OFFBEAT!)

Like my style? Contact me and let's talk!

"Nathalia is so awesome!! Each and every photo is taken with love and quality. I am so grateful to have had multiple shoots with her. " – Falan

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Offbeat couples get 10% off any wedding package! Just mentioned you found us on Offbeat Bride!

Examples of my work

I'm a featured photographer and had a Halloween Inspired Wedding published by Black Nuptials just recently. Check it out here.

I'm scheduled to have this and other weddings be published in 3 more blogs/websites, 5 more times within a month. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for updated alternative, multicultural, and LGBTQ weddings!


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