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You’re not dreaming about the perfect wedding, you’re planning a wedding that’s perfect for you. You believe that getting married is more than an exchange of rings: it’s a deeply personal celebration of your love for another shared with the people who you love most on earth.

You like good conversations, interesting questions, honest answers, and extraordinary places to roam. Your passports are full of stamps and your walls are full of memories.

You believe life is worth living now and you don’t wait for the weekends. Because both of you are in love with every minute of your existence, you can’t wait for what tomorrow will bring.

Sound familiar? Then let’s create some amazing and meaningful wedding photography together!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

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“Natasha was absolutely wonderful. My fiancé and I were desperately trying to avoid the typical, cheesy wedding photography style, and Natasha was exactly what we hoped for. Her style is very sophisticated, stylish, and editorial. Her photos could easily fit in with a New York Times lifestyle piece! We planned our wedding from across the country, meaning we never got to meet her until the day of the wedding, but we immediately felt at ease and comfortable with her. She also very skillfully navigated complicated family dynamics – a great skill for weddings 😉
Thank you for everything, Natasha!” -Monica & Gary

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I offer a complementary engagement session to any Offbeat Brides.

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