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My Trio Rings prides itself as the modern jeweler for the modern couple. We’re redefining the wedding ring buying process, providing couples with direct prices on authentic diamond and gold bridal jewelry.

A Modern Jeweler

Four generations of expertise in the diamond and jewelry industry shapes our new eCommerce approach to offering quality jewelry at affordable prices but cutting out the unnecessary middlemen and retail store pricing gimmicks. We offer an industry first no-fee online Layaways, Virtual TryItOn and customization options without the "custom markup fees" of other jewelers.

For The Modern Couple
Couples today are dating longer, living together, and may start a family before a wedding is prioritized in their lives. They are also looking for something different – an opportunity to celebrate a timeless tradition, but with a practical & affordable option that’s aligned with their values.

Trio Wedding Rings
Modern couples are searching for a style which expresses their unity. Matching Trio Wedding Rings pair the Ladies’ engagement ring, Ladies’ wedding band and a matching Mens‘ wedding band into The Perfect Match! A wedding ring shows you're married, but a matching ring shows who you're married to!

How our rings are different:

  • Affordable prices — direct to couples means no middlemen prices or retail store gimmicks: Meet Us
  • Matching Trios — unique matching rings for uniquely matched couples. Find your match
  • Plus Size — Designed for size and never stretched or added markup fees. Our ring styles go up to size 20, beyond any other jeweler. Explore Collection
  • Same Sex — A wedding ring shows you're married, but a matching ring shows who you're married to. Explore Collections

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

The modern couple doesn’t walk down the beaten aisle of the past generations. My Trio Rings couples break the stereotypes of dating for a few months, overspending on a ring, man on-a-knee-big-rock-proposal and outlandish showy weddings.

Modern couples date longer, live together, support each other's careers, start families and choose to get married based on their own priorities — not societal norms. Our focus on modern couples is seen through our Matching Trio Ring Sets, Plus Size Full Brilliance Collection (the first in this industry) and Same Sex wedding ring set collections.

"I starting searching wedding rings online and at jewelers. I came across my trio rings on amazon. Then I went to their website directly. Words cannot express how accommodating my trio rings truly are. From their layaway plan, to their sale prices. I would recommend my trio rings…" – Cynthia

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