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Music Masters

Music Masters is independently owned and operated by DJ John Wood and his fantabulous offbeat wife, Lisa. With a mantra of “Never say never,” we think your taste is what matters at your event.

We love to work with couples and families who know that music isn’t "just music." Regardless of your style, event size, or weirdo taste we have the equipment and the super-sweet skill to make it ROCK.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

After many years of swashbuckling escapades as a club DJ, I began my mobile business by swearing up and down that I would never DJ weddings. Ever. This pledge to myself was going swimmingly until my brother and his formerly anti-marriage feminist lawyer girlfriend got engaged. “Pleaaaaase,” Carrie begged me “This won’t be like playing a wedding!” Because I love my brother and his (now) wife, I agreed and did the thing I swore I’d never do. This was the point where I realized that playing music for an offbeat crowd is actually a great deal of fun. Probably not as much fun as dancing around in my gorilla suit, but given the right event I could change my mind on that one as well.

I learned rather quickly that my brother and my new sister-in-law were far from the only people who had a desire to shake up the typical wedding and that those people are tons of fun to work with! Couples like you are the reason that I dj weddings!

He was awesome! Using the songs we requested, he put together the perfect blend of songs for our wedding and got people moving. He even had some obscure songs that some of my guests requested. Also, he didn't complain with our bizarre requests (like having Andrew WK's cover of Linda Linda play while I was walking down the aisle.) I'd suggest him to anyone who's having a bit of an offbeat wedding…and even to those who aren't.
Linda and Carlos

John DJ'ed our 2/22/14 wedding + reception and I can't even begin to say enough kind things about him, the process of meeting/hiring him, and the wonderful soundtrack he created for our special day. We went over to Bainbridge to meet with John and his wife, Lisa. It was well worth the trip because we ended up geeking out over music and vinyl while getting to know John and Lisa. He played all the special tunes we requested, took requests from guests on the fly, and wasn't just a "fade one song in and fade another out" style DJ. We were raving about what a wonderful job he did days later. I would hire him again and again and again!
Melody and Tim

Examples of my work

  • DJed a traditional Chinese wedding for action movie star Robin Leong that included three 20 foot dragons, 10 acrobats and a 13 piece Chinese orchestra and was also attended by multiple Chinese government officials and international Kung Fu masters. It was rad.
  • Performed alongside some of the world’s best known DJ’s including Paul Oakenfold, DJ Irene, Dieselboy and Kaskade. I may have been wearing a gorilla suit for one and there may be photographic evidence somewhere online.
  • Engaged in a real bet for real cash money with a real wedding guest that I didn’t have the theme song from The Never Ending Story. I won and he paid up.

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