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Events for the bold, beautiful, offbeat, nerdy and proud. At Muse & Delphia, we are not shy about our love for our clients who march to the beat of their own drum. Our background in production design has fully equipped us to execute everything from the most modern and minimal, to fantasy and whimsy, to down right fandom weddings. Our deal is this: we love people, and people are all different. We would love to be a part of what makes your story unique!

(Don't worry about Emily Post, she's dead!)

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

As an offbeat wedding designer and coordinator, I understand, love, and appreciate the unique ideas that we receive from our clients/friends. However, I also understand that rewriting traditions and the typical flow of a wedding can be SO MUCH MORE WORK than simply following a premade wedding "to-do" checklist. But that's why we are here! We can shoulder the minutia of your wedding, offer you ideas, create layouts, timelines, and make your ideas a reality (sans the extra stress.)

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"M&D will go above and beyond for your event. They helped me go over every final detail, coordinated with all my vendors and made my wedding perfect. … I HIGHLY recommend M&D for any event that you are planning." – Ashley

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