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Hey there! I’m Colin. Husband, girl dad (of humans and dog), semi-professional ukulele player, new-to-the-scene coffee addict, and the reason you’re here – lead photographer and owner of Moon Honey Photography.

Moon Honey Photography is a brand born amid the pandemic, when weddings were being stripped down from 200+ person parties to guest lists you could write on a post-it, and we realized how much we preferred it that way. Why? It abandons tradition, which is something I’ve always loved seeing couples do. There is nothing traditional about you (or me), so why celebrate that way?

I personally fit into the category of people who took advantage of the pandemic to get some big s**t done. It started with a proposal, followed by a pregnancy announcement, swung into a Savannah elopement planned in under 2 weeks, and was topped off by the birth of my little Georgia peach, Ruth. Pretty untraditional if you ask me.

Don’t get me wrong, I won’t turn down a big, elaborately planned wedding. But, it should still check a few simple boxes.

  • You may not know why you’re having a wedding, but you know you love the crap out of your partner and you want everyone who loves the crap out of you to see you guys be together and then party because of it.
  •  You want a wedding photographer you can laugh and eat tacos with.
  • You understand that when you go to bed after your wedding, you’ll want to relive that day over and over and the only way to do that is through your photos, so you’ve got to print those suckers out.


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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Something I hear from every couple is how awkward they feel about being in front of the camera. That’s fine. Great, in fact! We can’t all be Beyonce, right? Your wedding photographer should not feel like paparazzi, hounding you for poses and dragging you away from the crowd for photo ops. We are documentarians. We will blend right into the background and chronicle your most honest, genuine moments so you will always remember who you were and how you looked at each other on the most special day of your lives.

Just like you shouldn’t be shy about who you are, don’t be shy about what you want out of your wedding. Coffee shop? Armory? Hot air balloon? (Haven’t done that one yet, but it’s a yes for me.) I’m down for whatever. I already cannot wait to hear about who you are, where you’re from, and where we’re all going from here.

Colin was one of the most calming constants in the wedding process for us. During our first meeting, which was our engagement shoot, Colin eased our initial hesitancy and unnaturalness about the situation and captured beautiful, relaxed moments. When we had to cancel our March 2020 wedding due to COVID, Colin kept our spirits up and helped us to reimagine and perfectly capture on film a much more intimate wedding day. He helped to provide guidance without being too directive and also augmented our ideas and suggestions. We would highly recommend working with Colin for not just beautiful photos, but his calming, caring nature that really builds friendship and rapport with his clients.

-Kristin & Steve

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