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{MOOI} is an eclectic gang of planners, stylists, artists and designers lead by Dutch Girl {Saskia Winter}

Saskia: “As a designer my main goal is to translate the true identity of the couple in the design of the event. I love meaningful touches that tell stories. I love surprise performances. I love including the talents of your friends and family. I love all forms of art, be it: visual, audio, three dimensional or graphic. I love textures, backdrops and tiny little secrets. Ideally you will look back at your wedding and think: this was so ‘us’."

About planning: “My main goal as a planner is for you to feel at ease and only do what you are comfortable with. I want to take all stress away that may surround the event so that you can fully focus on each other and all your favorite people surrounding you.”

{MOOI} offers several planning and design packages: Full service wedding and event planning, A la Carte Planning, Day of Coordination, Wedding and event design, Design consultations, Bridal party styling, DIY craft events and custom handmade wedding décor and accessories. Each ‘Off Beat’ wedding is completely unique, so packages will be tailor made based on your specific needs.

{MOOI} is all about the DIY wedding. We think it is the best idea since chocolate lava cupcakes. We love to support and stimulate you in any way you need to create your slightly ‘imperfect’ (way better than ‘perfect’) personalized wedding. That said, not all of us are Martha Stewart or have an abundance of free time. Our custom built wedding and design packages are the best of both worlds for the too busy bees and the craftily handicapped. {MOOI} can create your fully personalized wedding with your own unique style and that DIY look. Your day will be professionally executed by event planners, designers and graphic artists, to achieve that unique look without any of the time consuming pom pom knitting and glue gun burn marks.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I love to design and plan weddings of every culture, subculture and gender. I grew up in a country where anybody can marry the person that they love and moved from Amsterdam to the USA 5 years ago. I am not bound by American wedding traditions since, well, I am not American.

I feel that one of my most spoken sentences as a planner and designer is:
“You can do WHATEVER you want.”

I am SO not worried about what’s ‘normal’ (who decides this anyway?) I try to encourage my couples to see their wedding as a blank canvas and to stay close to their feelings about what an awesome wedding day is.I want them to think about WHY they decide to include certain rituals and traditions and about what they mean to THEM. Maybe even make some up if they were not raised with any or want to create their own.

I LOVE rituals: religious or non-religious, cultural or non-cultural, new ones, old ones, silly ones, beautiful ones. They are what add that unique personal touch to a wedding celebration. What makes your wedding truly yours? I love OFFBEAT couples because mostly they have the answer to this question ready. They start their planning process outside of the box, right where I want my couples to be.

“Saskia and her team were able to anticipate needs I didn’t even know I had. She has impeccable taste and the most fabulous eye for aesthetics. I simply explained my vision, and Saskia was able to execute it flawlessly and beautifully. I could not have been more pleased!” – Melinda Miller-Sciandri

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Examples of my work

My INSTAGRAM is a fun mix of my creative brain, my adventures with my little girls, my studio work & just a bunch of stuff I love. It’s a somewhat more personal peek into my vibrant life and maybe a good way to get to know what we are all about. You are, after all, considering involving me in one of the most personal events in your life.

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